Interaktive Luftballon-Karten

Gift tip: interactive balloon card

Totally simple and brilliantly personal: surprise your favourite people with a hand-made balloon card.

An interactive greeting card doesn't have to be digital. Sometimes even a balloon is enough in order to achieve a surprise effect: as with this quick and easy-to-make greeting card. What child wouldn't love a birthday card with a photo of their best friend – with a real balloon in it? And what grandma wouldn't be charmed if her grandchild sent a birthday card of themselves with a balloon?

Interaktive Luftballon-Karte

5 steps to your personal balloon card:

  1. Take a photo of your child in a similar pose to this: one arm above the head and looking upwards.
  2. It is best to choose a white wall in a light room as the background for the photo – the image then doesn't need to be cropped and optimised with the help of photo-editing software.
  3. Create a folded single panorama greeting card with ifolor. This card is 10 x 20 centimetres big and is ideally suited because there is still enough space above the photo of the child to add a balloon.
  4. Using the cutter, cut two folding openings in the card above and to the right of the child's hand. The easiest thing to do is to bend the roughly 1-centimetre-wide flap back into the inside of the card.
  5. Next, push the end of the balloon from front to back through the cut-out opening above the hand. Then pull the inflatable end of the balloon back to the front side of the card through the lower opening.

About the author

Julia Marre is a literary editor with a soft spot for photography and design. She writes the blog . She crafts with photo products for ifolor and creates DIY projects and hand-made gifts using these.

© Photos and text: Julia Marre

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