Digital prints - printed photos from the ifolor Digital Photos app

The ifolor Digital Photos App

Photo Prints Directly from Your Smartphone

This free app makes it possible to order prints of your digital photos easily and directly from your smartphone in just a few minutes.

You’ll receive your photos in just a few days printed on high-quality premium photo paper. You can easily specify the format and quantity of prints. The app also makes it possible to edit your photos and you can add your own text to the reverse side of the photos to give them more of a personal touch.

You can download the iOS, Android, or Windows Phone version of the software in the App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store. You can find further information on the Digital Photos app in our Download Center.

Tip: Before starting out with the app you should select your country of delivery in the navigation menu under “Settings” since you cannot manually change this at the end of the ordering process. Usually, however, the country of delivery is already automatically set when you download and install the app.

How the App Works

After downloading and starting up the app, begin by tapping on the red “+” to begin a new print order. You can then select photos from three different sources. You can either select photos that are directly saved on your smartphone or you can connect the app to your Dropbox or Facebook account and use photos you’ve already uploaded there. After that, just tap on which photos you’d like to order as prints. The photos you’ve selected will have a checkmark over them to make it easier to keep a general overview of which photos you’re ordering. Once you’ve selected all the photos you’d like to order, confirm your selection by tapping on “Continue.”

Selecting photos and the format with the ifolor Digital Photos app

Afterwards you can select which format you’d like the photos printed in and the quantity. To do this, just click on “Change formats” and select your desired format and amount of prints. The format and quantity will affect all photos in your order. After that, tap on “Order” to wrap things up. Here you’ll get a final order overview and then get your photos comfortably delivered to your doorstep in just a few days.

Tip: In the navigation menu under “Settings” you can change the standard format and preset amount of prints to be used automatically when creating a new order. Then you won’t have to change your preferred format and quantity of prints every time you order photos.

Individual Design Possibilities

Once you’ve chosen how many prints you’d like to order, you’ll be able to individually edit your selected photos. You can also (re)name the title of your order or add your own text to be printed on the reverse side of your photos.

Editing Your Photos

After selecting which photos you’d like to order, you can then edit your pictures by tapping on them. You can change the print format as well as the quantity of each individual photo by clicking on the field located under “Formats.” If you’d like to edit the photo you’ve selected, click on “Edit picture.” Here you can crop and rotate your photo as well as use brilliant effects to make your picture more expressive. You can then repeat this process with your other photos.

Add effects to your photos or crop them with the ifolor Digital Photos app

Change the Name of Your Order and Reverse Side Text

To change the name of your order or to write text on the reverse side of your photos, tap on the second symbol located at the bottom of the selected photo overview screen. Tap on “Name of Order” to rename your photo assortment.

You have three different options for creating text for the reverse side of your photos. You can add the name of your order, the date the photo was taken, or you can write your own message for a more personal touch.

Note: Keep in mind that the text on the reverse side cannot be longer than 30 characters and will be printed on all photos in the order. In the navigation menu you can find more information about the app as well as our products and their pricing. Have fun with the app and your digital photos!

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