Four Creative Design Tips for your Photo Book

The lovingly-designed photo book with its ability to bring memories back to life is a Christmas gift favourite every year. Filled with snap-shots from last year, the summer vacation, or a family party, your photo book will keep memories alive and will always be ready to be thumbed through. Besides the basic method of creating your own photo book, you’ll of course need a good idea and theme for the design of your own creative photo book. Besides the motifs of your photos, you’ll also want to ensure that the quality and resolution of your photos are top-notch. The better the picture quality is, the better they will turn out and appear in your photo book once it is created. Before you think of a fitting motif, you should start thinking about a fitting form and theme for your photo book. In order to make sure your motifs come to life, we recommend that you don’t try to fill each page to the brink. You can make a real eye-catching photo book by creating a mosaic of many smaller photos from a special day or moment. Before we move on to the layout and orientation of your pictures on each page, you’ll need a good idea how to create a special photo book using this classic gift idea.

We’ve compiled four creative design ideas with which you can transform your own photo book into an individualised gift.

A Personalised Song Book

A Personalised Song Book

Besides good food, Christmas carols are paramount when spending time with your family during the holidays. But do you really have to sing the same old songs every year? A book with the most-loved Christmas carols is a great gift idea for the holidays and will enable your loved ones to always have the lyrics at-hand. Fill up your song book with the lyrics of the best Christmas songs for kids like “Frosty the Snowman” to motivate even the smallest of the bunch to sing along. You can also include classics for the grownups such as “Silent Night” for a cosy evening. Personalised photos of sledding, hikes in the snow, or a visit to a Christmas market accentuate the lyrics and give the song book an individualised touch. Fitting for this idea: the photo book spiral with robust ring binding and various design templates.

The Photo Book with Goodnight Stories

The Photo Book with Goodnight Stories

Kids love goodnight stories. They’re relaxing, make it easier to fall asleep, and are a part of the tucking-in ritual of many families. Kids have their own personal favourite books they like to read before going to bed again and again. Especially loved by the kiddies are stories where their favourite stuffed animal or the family pet get to play a part in the story. If your children already have a favourite story sitting on the bookshelf, you could take it and fill it with new ideas or further the story in order to create something one-of-a-kind. In order to make the goodnight story really come to life, you can take excerpts from the text and put them in a photo book with a few lovely pictures. With pictures from shared experiences and other passing motifs that are sure to make the story come to life, the self-created goodnight story will be sure to become a great experience to read for the entire family.

Fitting for this idea: the photo book premium with special Leporello binding that ensures flat-lying pages.

A Play of Coloursv

A Play of Colours

You like to edit your photos and want to display your best motifs in a photo book? Then you should first choose a uniform style that will be utilised throughout the entire photo book. Depending on the theme of the photos, you could make an album out of black and white photos or use a certain colour filter. If you really want to make something stand out, focus in on one object in the photo and colour it while leaving the rest of the background black and white.

If your motif follows a certain chronology, such as photos over the span of several years, you can make this really take effect by using a colour gradient for the backgrounds. With a sepia tone, you can loan your photo book a bit of a retro look. This way you can artistically display your favourite photos and create a one-of-a-kind photo book.

Fitting for this idea: the photo book deluxe with special lacquered pages and various formats.

In the Eye of the Beholder

In the Eye of the Beholder

To gain a completely different perspective of the family outing at the zoo or a family vacation, give your little ones free reign over the picture taking. Give them a sturdy camera and off they go. Children see the world in a completely different light and will utilise their imagination when taking the photos. Due to their curiosity and smaller body size, they pay attention to different things in their environment than their grownup counterparts. Possible outcomes could be a funny picture of the family dog as close as possible at eye level or a great photo of the birthday table from the perspective of the mini photographer. This will ensure that you capture family experiences in a different way with entertaining snap-shots. Paired with several funny captions, you can create a very special photo book with the photographer-in-training. With original motifs from the perspective of the little ones, this kind of photo book makes a great gift idea for the grandparents.

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