Find duplicate images

Find duplicate images

When browsing through your hard drive, you often notice that some photos are stored multiple times on your computer. For example, duplicate images may have been stored in different folders or may be found under different names and file sizes. Due to the mass of pictures that hobby photographers have to manage, it is not always easy to stay on top of things. To make matters worse, most photos are only labeled with different number combinations and edited photos are often saved as copies of the original. This quickly leads to different versions of the same image. Duplicate images steal an unnecessary amount of storage space and prevent you from getting an orderly overview of all photos.

In order to escape the jungle of photo duplicates, various programs are available on the Internet that can find and delete duplicate images. In the selection of these applications, you can find both paid and free versions. Here we introduce you to popular free programs for Windows and MacOs, which you can use to easily fix the problem.


SimilarImages – The starting point for beginners

The free SimilarImages service allows you to search for duplicate photos based on the file name, file date, and image resolution. The program also finds duplicate images with different names but the same resolution. The search in different folders and subfolders makes it possible to find duplicate images in different directories. In addition, the program has a semi-automatic delete function that moves duplicate images to the trash for you based on your selected criteria. Especially beginners should test this application as it has an intuitive user interface. For example, it provides pop-up explanations of all features, so all questions are answered quickly.


VisiPics – Delete duplicate images more easily

The VisiPics search function not only finds images based on file names and resolutions but can also identify photos with different rotations as duplicates. This option can be selected in the program’s settings and makes it easier to distinguish edited images from originals. The “Auto Select” option picks the best versions of your duplicate photos for you and makes deleting duplicates easier. Furthermore, the search can be adjusted to three different threshold values (vague-normal-exact). This function allows you, for example, to select the best version for the same motif with minimal differences.



Photos Dublicate Cleaner – Finds duplicate images quickly and anywhere

Photos Duplicate Cleaner for MacOs allows you to search for duplicate images both in your folders and subfolders and in the photo library. This program also identifies images by their number of pixels, so you can easily find duplicate images with different names. If duplicates of the same photo are detected, the app creates a new folder and makes it easier to compare duplicate images and then delete them. However, you should check the photo duplicates found by the app again, as the accuracy of the search results may vary.


dupeGuru – The program for advanced users

If you are looking for a variety of settings to determine similar images, you should use dupeGuru. Here it is possible to include different criteria in the search function of the program. The application then lists the found duplicates with a percentage match. In this way, vague similarities can also be displayed. This allows you to make a complete selection of images with the same subject. However, you should pay close attention to which duplicate files you delete in the search results because with the right settings, the program can display thumbnails, for example. Therefore, the application is more suitable for advanced users.



Duplicate images take up an unnecessary amount of storage space on the hard drive and complicate photo management. The programs presented above will find your duplicate images but will focus on different sub-functions such as searching for different criteria or deleting duplicate images. Therefore it depends on your expectations which program you want to use for which purposes. In our article on photo management, you will find more tips and information to avoid a terrible mess of photos.



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