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End result with frames on the wall

Gift a Heart of Photos This Mother’s Day

The Happiest Memories Crafted for Mum

Holiday and family photos often end up in photo albums — or nowadays on a dusty external hard drive. Sadly, it’s nigh impossible to frame all our happiest memories and hang them on the wall. That’s where a collage comes in. We’ll show you two DIY collages, embellished with photos, words of love, and messages for surprising Mum on her day.

Choosing Photos for Your Collage

Before scanning or searching for your photos on that old hard drive, take a moment to consider how you’ll form your heart collage. How many photos will you need? In landscape or portrait format? Where will it be hung, and which colours do you want?

The pictures below demonstrate a few possibilities for organizing photos in various formats. The colours of the third image demonstrate varying photo sizes and formats, and how many of each you’ll need.

Once you’ve collected the perfect photos, you can apply an image filter, e.g. sepia, in order to unify the colours. Online tools or smartphone apps are the best tools for this. For a particularly personal note, add words of wisdom or love to your collage.

A Digital Photo Collage

If you’re already familiar with photo editors, simply download the provided templates and use them in Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, or Gimp. Please note that the background is partially transparent, and you can already begin arranging your own photos and epigrams on the template.

If you’re not entirely confident with a photo editor, there are countless apps and websites for creating photo collages. All you need to do is choose your photos, and the program almost automatically creates a collage for you. One of the most popular online sites is fotor, which offers nearly limitless collage templates, as well as professional-quality, artistic templates with captions for every occasion.

Screenshot from the “Mixgram” App

You can also create a collage on your smartphone. iOS users can easily use the Mixgram app. The app provides layouts for a photo heart collage on the last page, where you can fill it up with your own photos with just a few taps of your fingers.

Screenshot from the “Love Photo Collage” App

The Love Photo Collage is the most suitable of the apps available in the Google Play store. Upload your photos to the app and choose your favourite collage. You can choose the format, border width, and image filter incredibly easily.

After creating and saving your collage, you can order it as a photo poster in just a few clicks of the mouse. Frame it beautifully and surprise your Mum with a high-quality collage made from the happiest of memories.

DIY Alternative: Paste Your Photos in a Heart Shape

Another possibility for a heart mosaic is a self-assembled collage of photo prints. Before you order your photos, once again consider how you’d like to order them. Because they were most likely not taken with the same camera (and therefore aren’t uniform), a random order of the photos is the most fitting for your collage.

Collect about 40 photos of mixed portrait and landscape format. To avoid overly stark disparities in your photos, also consider using here an image filter. Once you have all your photos assembled, lay them out on the table. Decide whether you’d prefer to paste them to a poster, or whether to hang them directly on the wall.

For the latter, you should arrange your photos on the table first to try it out. To ensure a heart shape, you can use masking tape to make a heart on the table or floor. Afterwards you can simply remove the tape and throw it away without leaving a residue. If you choose to place your photos on a poster, using a pencil, trace a heart on the poster and arrange the photos on top.

Arrange photos in a heart shape

Take your time rearranging and sorting your photos until you’re totally satisfied with the result. Then paste your photos one by one on the poster or the wall. If attaching directly to the wall, measure approximately the heart you already created on table or floor and mark the size on the wall. Begin in the middle of the heart and work outwards toward the edges. The first row must be arranged perfectly straight, otherwise your heart will become crooked. A spirit level and tiny pencil markings can help you with this. Always start the following rows in the middle, working outwards. To finish, use tiny photo tape strips.


If you don’t have a level to hand, you can also download one as an app.

Always step back from your work from time to time to check your work. Your heart should be finished in 20 minutes!

Loving Words and Sayings for Your Collage

In order to spruce up your mosaic, we prepared a few appropriate Mother’s Day sayings for you to download. They are in JPG picture format, and they can be printed as digital photos in all formats.

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