Make decorative poster frames out of wood

It doesn’t take much for your personal photo posters to be out of the ordinary – this home-made poster frame does the trick. You can make effective display options yourself out of just a few and above all cheap materials. Read how easy it is to make this pretty decoration here.

And all you need for this is:

  • Squared timber from the hobby craft or DIY store, 1 metre long  
  • Four 6 mm round magnets 
  • A hammer 
  • A wood saw 
  • A cordless screwdriver 
  • Two ring bolts 
  • A piece of parcel string or leather band 
  • Possibly some emery paper

How to make your decorative poster frame out of wood

Saw the squared timber into four pieces of equal size – to match the size of your poster. You need 21 centimetre sides for A4 format.


If necessary, lightly sand the pieces of wood’s freshly sawn sides so that they are smooth.


Take the cordless screwdriver now and drill a round hole in the centre of each piece of wood, just big enough to press the 6 mm magnet into it but without drilling through the moulding.


At the end, every one of the four wood mouldings has a magnet in the middle.


Adapt the mouldings to your photo poster. What is missing now is an attachment on one of the top mouldings.


Finally screw the two ring bolts into one of the top mouldings. Make sure they are an equal distance from each side of the wood moulding. It is sometimes helpful to hammer a small hole into the selected position first of all using a small nail so that the bolts can be screwed in easily by hand.


Attach a piece of parcel string or an elegant leather band to the ring bolts to hang it up. Your decorative poster just has to be stuck to the photo poster using the magnetic strips now and it’s finished. As the motif is attached using magnets, it can be easily replaced.


Photos and text: Julia Marre •

Julia Marre is a freelance author and journalist with a penchant for photography and design. She writes the Kommando Karottenbrei blog. She plays around with photo products for ifolor and writes about these DIY projects and self-styled gifts.

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