Self-made snow globes with photos

Crafting Instructions: A Snow Globe with Your Own Photos

DIY Christmas Decoration to Give as a Gift & Decorate

Once it starts getting cold and Christmas is right around the corner, everyone starts thinking about presents and decorations. With so much to choose from in the stores, people often look for something really special. Why not guarantee a white Christmas this year and craft your own snow globe to set in your window or to give away as a gift?

We’ll show you how you can create your own personal snow globe by using laminated digital photos and disposable / real wine glasses.

Gift Idea: Your Own Photo Snow Globe

You’ll need:

  • Disposable glasses
  • Photos of your loved ones
  • A laminator
  • Distilled water
  • Glycerine
  • Glitter or snow globe snow
  • A hot glue gun
  • Gloss paint or nice ribbons
  • Additional decorative elements as needed, such as small fir trees

You can find glycerine in most pharmacies and you can get glitter or snow globe snow, as well as other decorative elements, in craft stores or online. Should you not have a laminator at home, most copy shops will be able to help you with this step.

Craft materials for a snow globe

Photos where the whole person is displayed work best for this DIY project. Once you’ve decided which pictures you’d like to use, get your photos developed on ifolor premium photo paper. Make sure you order photos in the correct size because the height and width of the person in the photo should be able to fit inside the disposable glass . Also keep in mind that you’ll need some extra space in the glass to add other decorative elements such as small fir trees.

How to Craft Your Personal Snow Globe

Once you’ve received your digital prints in the mail, cut out the people you’d like to use from your photos and laminate them. When laminating, make sure you leave enough space around the edges of the photos (about 2-3 mm) so you’ll later be able to cut them out without cutting into the middle of the lamination.

Photos for crafting a snow globe, before and after cutting out

Now this is where the creative part of this crafting project really begins. You should affix your photo figures and little trees to the lid using a hot glue gun. Simply apply some glue to the lid and place the bottom of the photo in it. You can use the empty glass to stabilise the photo while the glue hardens or alternatively affix some decorative stones or a pile or snow globe snow next to it. While doing this, make sure you don’t decorate the lid up to the very edge since you won’t be able to properly seal the glass afterwards.

Attaching photos and decorations to the lid

Then, fill up the glass with water and add a few drops of glycerine. Once you’ve mixed this a bit, you can then add the “snow.”

Once the elements on the lid of the glass are securely in place, carefully sink them into the water and securely fasten the lid. You can then add a nice ribbon around the rim of the lid and your completely personalised snow globe is all finished!

The finished self-made snow globe

Decorative Idea: Wine Glass with a Candle and Personal Photos

This variant has the same look as the snow globe, but isn’t really an actual snow globe. It’s not filled with water and it can’t be shaken, but it can be used as a decoration or as a candleholder to compliment your home Christmas decorations.

For this idea, you’ll need a decorative glass, your laminated photo figures, artificial snow, and other decorative elements or figures. You can follow the steps listed above to create the photo figures.

In order to decorate the wine glass with Christmas figures, first start out by cutting out a circle of cardboard that is as large as the opening of the glass. Attach your photo figures, decorative elements, and artificial snow to the circle using a hot glue gun (just as in the craft idea presented above).

To seal the wine glass, apply glue along the rim of the glass with your hot glue gun and lay the cardboard circle onto the glass with your decorations facing down. Once the glue is dry, simply flip over the glass and voilà! Your own winter landscape wine glass is finished!



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