The Completely Personalised Wine as a Party Favour

The Completely Personalised Wine as a Party Favour

Christmas is a time to spend with friends and family. People make extra time to visit the parents, grandparents, and good friends. But if your closest friends and family invite you for a lovingly prepared meal and good company, the last thing you want to do is show up empty-handed. This is when we often go down into the cellar and pick out a nice bottle of wine to bring as a gift for the host. We’ll show you how you can make this gift for your host more personalised in just a few simple steps and your host will end up with something memorable even after the celebration is over.

You can create this small gift either spontaneously in a couple of minutes or even long before the start of the Christmas season. You could also go ahead and create multiple personalised wine bottles to give away to friends and family. Whether you share the bottle together on the same evening or it’s enjoyed later, the beautiful photo will remain. You could also use this personalised wine bottle idea to decorate your dinner table should you be hosting a dinner yourself and give one to each guest as a reminder of a nice evening spent together.

You’ll need the following to create your Christmas wine bottle:

  • A nice bottle of wine
  • Decorative paper A photo of yourself or you with your partner, friends, or family
  • Pens
  • Scissors and glue

You can remove the original wine label with a little soap and water or just leave it attached to the bottle. If choosing the latter option, you should make sure that the paper you choose to use for your banderole is large enough to hide the original label. Most wine bottles have a circumference of about 23.5 cm, which is also the minimum length your chosen banderole paper should be. You’ll need at least a half centimetre more to be able to affix the ends of the banderole together. You can choose any height you wish for the banderole and it should correspond to the size of your photo. On the wine bottle shown in this article, a 24 x 11 cm banderole was affixed along with a 9 x 13 cm photo.

You could either use a classic cream for the paper or experiment with other colours. Black or Bordeaux paper also look especially classy and you can write on these colours with a white touch-up pen. You can also add matching ribbons and bows around the banderole or attach them to the bottleneck.

An Individualised Hospitality Gift - a Bottle of Wine with a Personal Photo

Cut out a rectangle with a length of 24 cm and a height of your choosing. Place your photo in the middle of the paper. You could also optionally place the photo more to the side of the paper to give you more room to add a personal message to the recipient. Try out a few options before gluing the photo to the paper. Then write your message on the banderole with a suitably coloured pen. You could write messages wishing them the best for the New Year, remind them about memories shared together throughout the year, or simply say thank you.

Once you’ve decorated the label to your heart’s content, take a piece of tape and affix one of the ends of the banderole to the bottle. Wrap the rest of the banderole around the bottle and affix it to the other end with either some glue or a piece of tape. Now your individualised wine bottle with a personal message is all done!

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