Self-made Christmas tree decorations – a completely personalised eye-catcher for your Christmas tree

Self-Made Christmas Tree Decorations

Make Your Christmas Tree One-of-a-Kind with Your Own Photos

Photos, silk ribbon, and other crafting materials - with just these items you can quickly and effortlessly make your own Christmas tree decorations. This is really simple to do and is also suitable for doing together with children! We at ifolor are delighted with our little Christmas tree baubles, which are made from 10-format photos. This craft idea also works, naturally, with photos in 11-format (and is actually even easier to do).

Crafting Instructions for the Christmas Tree Baubles


First start out by selecting your most favourite photos to use for your Christmas decorations. Whether they’re snapshots of the kids, of the whole family, or photos from your last holiday, any motif is perfect for your Christmas tree baubles. Select photos featuring your most cherished memories with eye-catching colours, in black and white, or even photos you’ve edited yourself.

After making your selection, you can order your digital photos at or through the ifolor app available for smartphone and tablet. We recommend using photos in 10- or 11-format. The photos will then be delivered to your home within a couple of days. Then you’re all set to get started.


Crafting supplies needed for the Christmas tree baubles

You’ll Need:

  • Digital photos
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Hole-punch
  • Bifurcated rivets
  • Silk ribbon
Dividing up the photo with a ruler

As Easy as 1-2-3:

1. Measure out the longer edge of the photo on the back and divide it up into 10 equal sections. Then number each section.

Cutting the photo into strips

2. Cut the photo into strips along the lines.

Hole-punching the photo strips

3. Punch holes into the strips approximately 1 cm from the edge at both ends of the strips using the hole-punch. You can hole-punch all 10 strips at the same time.

Affixing the photo strips with the rivet

4. Place the centre of the 10-cm-long ribbon at the upper hole of the photo strips. Then join the photos and ribbon together using a bifurcated rivet.

Fanning out the photo strips to form a ball

5. Stick the other ends of the photo strips through another rivet.

6. Fan out the strips evenly to form a ball. You can hang the decoration using the ribbon to make a loop.

Your Christmas Tree Decoration Is All Finished!

Now your personalised Christmas tree decoration is done! You can create as many colourful baubles as you want. Affix ribbons or bows in different colours to the baubles to hang them on your Christmas tree. We decorated almost a whole fir tree using these baubles!

Self-made Christmas tree baubles


You can also prominently display your most cherished memories in see-through Christmas tree baubles, such as baubles made of glass. To do this, simply cut out a photo into a circle that is approximately as large as the diameter of the bauble, roll it up and stick it into the opening of the bauble and then use a small stick or other object to unfurl it. You can also lend your baubles an even more Christmassy feel by adding small stars, cotton, or glitter.

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