• A woman showing a self-made Christmas ball ornament made from a photo standing in front of the decorated Christmas tree
    Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments - Eye-Catching Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

    Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments - Eye-Catching
    Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

    Decorate your Christmas tree this year in a very individual and creative way with self-made Christmas tree ornaments made with your most precious memories. Whether as a Christmas ball ornament made from a photo or a cube made with several photos - these decorations can be made together as a family and guarantee that your Christmas tree will catch the attention of all those who gaze upon it.

    Christmas Ball Ornaments Made from Photos: Transform Your Beautiful Memories into Creative Decorations for Your Christmas Tree

    Photos, silk ribbon, and craft supplies - you won’t need anything else to be able to create your own original Christmas tree decorations. You can create your own Christmas ball ornaments with your own photos quickly and easily and it’s a great way to spend some quality family time with your children during the holiday season. These self-made ornaments are perfect for your own Christmas tree as well as to give away as a personalised gift to friends and family.

    How to Create Christmas Ball Ornaments from Your Own Photos

    Snapshots of the kids, family, or the last family holiday - any kind of motif is perfect for your ornaments. Whether in a funky colour scheme, classic black and white, or edited yourself - look for your most cherished memories that you’d like to share with others this Christmas. Photos in 10 or 11 cm format work best.

    Here’s how easy it is:
    Besides your digital photos as well as ribbon to hang the Christmas ball ornament, you’ll also need a ruler, a writing utensil, scissors, a hole-punch, and bifurcated rivets.

    1. Measure the longer side of the photo and divide the photo into ten equal parts.
    2. Cut the photo into strips along the lines.
    3. Use the hole-punch to punch holes at both ends of each strip approximately 1 cm from the edge. To ensure uniformity, you can hole punch all of the strips at the same time.
    4. Put a ribbon 10 cm in length through the top hole of all the photo strips and then secure everything together with a bifurcated rivet.
    5. Now gather together the other ends of the strips with a writing utensil.
    6. Finally pull all of the strips equally apart to create a ball and attach a hanger to the ribbon.


    You can find out more about how to make these here: DIY: homemade Christmas tree decorations

    Depending on your own personal taste, you can craft your ornaments with different coloured ribbon or just hang the ornament on the tree by the ribbon if you don’t want to use hangers.

    You could also combine self-made photo pennants with your Christmas tree ornaments. You can find out more about how to make these here: The Christmassy Photo Pennant Streamer

    A woman hangs up a self-made photo ball while decorating the Christmas tree

    Photo Cube Ornaments: Multi-Faceted Decorating Possibilities for the Christmas Tree

    Making your own photo cubes from your best photos will enable you to create completely original decorations for your Christmas tree in the blink of an eye. The cube shape of the ornament allows you to use many of your photos at once and you can make the cubes as large or as small as you want. Since it’s so quick and easy to create your own photo cubes, this small project is perfect for doing together with your circle of friends and all their kids. Wintery motifs might work best since the photos are for tree decorations, but any photos of the kids, from a family holiday, or perhaps just your favourite family memories all have their place on the photo cube.

    How to Create Your Own Photo Cubes for Decorating the Tree

    For the photo cube, you’ll need six square photos. You can either cut your favourite photos down to the appropriate size or order your digital photos in quadratic format directly from ifolor. For an edge length of circa six centimetres, for instance, you can use a sheet of A4 paper for the cutout pattern. For a length of nine centimetres, you’ll need a sheet of A3 paper.

    In order for the family fun to begin, you’ll of course need your photos as well as scissors, a glue stick, and a ruler.

    First, start out by drawing the outline of the cube on your chosen paper format to make your cutout pattern. The cutout pattern looks like a cross with four squares in a line with a square to the left and right side of the second square. Make sure you have enough room on the lower square as well as on the sides of the left and right square for flaps that will later be used to glue the cube together. You can find multiple examples of a cube cutout pattern online.

    Now you can choose which photos you want to use and glue them to the pattern. Don’t forget to keep the orientation of the photos in mind while you’re affixing them to the pattern to make sure no one in the photos is doing an unintentional headstand once you’re finished. Now you just need to thread a string through one of the photos or through a corner. Then it’s time to glue all of the sides of your cube together and you can finally hang up your beautiful self-made Christmas ornament on the tree!

    To loan a bit more Christmas spirit to your photo cubes you can also use popular motifs such as Christmas trees, stars, or perhaps snowflakes. You can print these out as photos and then craft them together to make a cube or perhaps you can attach stickers with Christmassy themes to your other photo cubes. You can also let your imagination run wild and add things like cotton balls, glitter, or gold bells; the more you decide to decorate your photo cubes, the more fun you’re bound to have with the kids while making them!

    You can also stack your photo cubes into a tower to make them that much more eye-catching. Stack your photo cubes with your favourite Christmas motifs together in the shape of a Christmas tree and decorate it with a nice big bow or other festive accessories. In this way you can use your Christmas tree decorations to make your own special Christmas tree.


    You can find out more about how to make these here:
    Photo cube tutorial

    An example of photos being folded and glued following the cube cutout pattern displayed next to the end result

    Product tip:

    Order prints of your favourite photos in just a couple of clicks online!
    We recommend Premium photo paper in 10 or 11 cm format.

    Crafting Fun for the Whole Family - Show Off Your Creativity with Your Decorations

    Fir cones, small twigs, cinnamon sticks, or nuts are some other materials you could use to really showcase your creativity while creating your decorations. Since Christmas is a time for families to gather together, everyone can pitch in and spend some time together both in the fresh air while gathering the materials and during the actual crafting itself.

    You could, for instance, glue together twigs of a similar length into the shape of a heart. Hung up and displayed on the Christmas tree, this will not only be a one-of-a-kind Christmas decoration, but also a reminder of the good times had while creating the decorations together as a family. You can also make decorations out of fir cones or use them to accent your other decorations, such as one of your Christmas ball ornaments.

    You can also use transparent Christmas ball ornaments, made of glass for instance, to display some of your photos on the Christmas tree. To do this all you’ll need is a photo cut in the shape of a circle that has a diameter similar to that of the ornament. Then push the rolled-up photo into the ball. Afterwards, use a small twig to unroll the photo. You can use small stars, cotton balls, or glitter to make your ornament that much more Christmassy.

    Really show off your creativity this year while decorating your Christmas tree. You can find many of the materials necessary to create these decorations already sitting in your home or outside in nature, so nothing can come between your family and the fun you’re bound to have while making your own decorations.

    Notice: Keep in mind that your self-made Christmas tree ornaments are not fireproof. Make sure not to place the balls, cubes, or other decorations too close to an open flame.

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