Baby shower - surprise the mother-to-be with a successful party

Baby party!

How to organize a successful babyshower

Give a mom-to-be a special treat by organizing a baby shower. Pregnancy is a very special occasion so prepare a nice day for the future mom. Cute decorations, delicious food, sweet gifts and fun games should not be missing. Here are tips on how to organize a successful baby belly party for your pregnant girlfriend and how to get ideas for funny baby shower games.

The perfect organization of the baby shower

As the name "Baby shower" already shows, this beautiful tradition comes from the USA. At this party, the friends of the soon-to-be mom surprise her with a sweet party and celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby. The pregnant woman is literally showered with attention and small gifts (English to shower - rain)! You can organize the baby shower quietly and secretly in the circle of friends with the help of the future dad, or you can bring the future mom on board and design a baby belly party according to her wishes.

When should I start planning?

A baby shower usually takes place in the last trimester of pregnancy. However, start planning at least two months in advance. This leaves enough time to organize everything and pay attention to the smallest details.

First you should think about a suitable location, the perfect date and the guest list. Make sure to send the invitation about six weeks in advance so that everyone knows about it early enough. The attention to detail starts with the invitation cards. We recommend cute and personal invitation cards. The guests can even keep these as souvenirs.


As a souvenir for the guest of honor at the party, you can create an individual guest book using a Photo book. In pre-defined frames (you can design an empty picture placeholder with a chic frame in the Photo book), the guests can then enter their wishes and perhaps also stick a selfie to it.

Cherish the dear wishes for the soon-to-be mom in a self-designed guest book

What do I have to consider when planning the babyshower party?

You don't have to organize everything on your own but do rely on the help of your friends and distribute tasks sensibly. Think together:

  • What is your shared budget for the baby party?
  • Is there a specific motto or colour scheme for the baby belly party?
  • Who takes care of the right decoration?
  • Who bakes a cake or orders it from the confectioner?
  • How do you organize the food at the baby shower? Do you hire a catering service or does everyone bring something tasty?
  • What drinks do you want to offer?
  • Who is responsible for setting up and who is responsible for cleaning up the baby party?

If you clarify all these questions beforehand, everyone will be able to fully concentrate on their areas of responsibility and have enough time at their disposal.

Which gift is right for the mother-to-be?

Try to find out what the soon-to-be parents have already bought and what is still missing so they won’t end up with the same gifts afterwards. Maybe the expectant parents also have a bigger wish for which you all can pool money. In this way, you can all fill in the last gaps in baby equipment and make the future parents very happy.


Prepare small gifts in advance of the baby shower for everyone who takes part in the party games. These can be sweets or small gift bags with cute souvenirs in them.

The perfect entertainment - games for the babyshower

To ensure unforgettable moments and an exuberant mood, don't forget the matching party games at the baby belly party. We have a few nice suggestions for you here that you can easily implement:

The funny swaddling competition

For this game idea you only need diapers, a doll, a cloth and a stopwatch (app). Now try to swaddle the doll blindfolded, one after another. Whoever masters this task the fastest is the winner of this funny challenge.

Capture beautiful moments - the photo competition

Together, define a hashtag under which you want to share the pictures of the party or send them in a private group. Encourage all party guests to capture their favourite moments, the most beautiful details of the decoration or their selfies and to share them with the soon-to-be mother.

A group selfie competition is especially fun. Get together in groups, set a certain time span and try to take the funniest selfie of you all. The mom-to-be decides who will be the winning group of this task.


You can turn the photos taken at the party into a beautiful Booklet the same evening using the ifolor app. In this way, no photo gets lost and you will have a lasting memory of that day.

Creative handicraft fun - design gift cards

With this beautiful idea you will give the soon-to-be mom great pleasure. Set up a small crafting corner and equip it with colour pencils. Now lovingly add designed Photo Greeting cards and let your creativity run wild. Each guest can design a very individual gift card for the main person of the baby shower in one minute. Anything like “1 x babysitting for you” or “I cook our favourite dish for you” would work and will make things easier for the future mother.

Using shared photos you can make individual memories at the baby shower

The baby food dessert

In this guessing game you will become familiar with the culinary world of babies. Buy different types of baby food, remove the label and let the guests and the mom-to-be try them. Then everyone has to guess which type of baby food it is. Jokes and a good mood will be inevitable here.

No matter which games you choose or what food you serve, keep in mind that no party is perfect. It is important that you all feel good and create a relaxed atmosphere for the future mom. We wish you lots of fun for your baby shower!

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