• 3D photos – The new trend in the Facebook timeline

    3D photos – The new trend in the Facebook timeline

    The Facebook 3D photo is reminiscent of the shaky pictures that were often found on birthday cards or postcards in the past and fascinated young and old alike back then. With the new, nostalgic feature you can give your timeline and your stories that special something and add variety to your everyday photo life.

    Create a 3D photo with your iPhone

    Until now, 3D images were reserved for iPhone users only, but the feature is now increasingly being made available for Android smartphones. The most important requirement for this is that your smartphone has a dual camera. This makes it possible to capture a depth plane in the image, which Facebook in turn uses for the wobble image effect. Thus, the object remains in the foreground while the background adapts to the movements of the screen.

    To create a 3D photo on your iPhone, you must first shoot a portrait photo with the camera app. Make sure that you keep enough distance to the subject so that the camera can save the necessary information on the depth plane. You can now edit the portrait image as you wish until it meets your expectations. Once the photo has been converted into a 3D photo by Facebook, it is no longer possible to edit the photo. It is therefore advisable to make the necessary changes beforehand.


    If everything is just right for you, you can create a new post for your timeline and/or story. To insert a 3D image, click on the “3D Photo” option at the bottom and select the appropriate photo from your portrait shots. Now Facebook automatically creates a 3D image from your photo, which you can try out in the preview and share with your friends.

    The alternative for all smartphones without a dual camera

    Since this feature is only available on the latest smartphones, we’d like to introduce you to an alternative that allows owners of a smartphone without a dual camera to post a 3D photo on Facebook.

    The Fyuse app for Android and iOS lets you create spatial images that resemble a 3D photo. You can take wide panoramic shots that become visible when you move your smartphone, or imitate 3D images. To take such pictures, you need to film with the camera once in a semicircle around the desired subject. The app registers the movements of the camera and creates a spatial, interactive image. The smaller that radius, the more the illusion of a 3D image is created. You can share your created images in the Fyuse app with other users or on different social media as a link. Alternatively, you can use the app to create a GIF file of your images and post it on social networks.



    Facebook’s new photo feature doesn’t just make it fun to create, it also encourages your followers and friends to stay for a few moments and take a look at your flip picture. Even though this feature can only be used by newer smartphone models, there are alternatives for those who still don’t want to miss out on this trend.



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