Creative gifts ideas for Valentine's Day
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Creative gifts ideas for Valentine's Day

Creative, romantic gifts for the day of love

Giving your sweetheart a loving surprise on Valentine's Day and making this special day unforgettable for them isn't that difficult! We will help you with tips for individual gifts and with fascinating facts about the day of love.

Make your Valentine's day a creative one!

Something that tells your story... Love poems, "your" song, the journal entry made after the first time you met, your photos and experiences together, the things that you especially love about your partner... All of that can provide inspiration for creating the perfect Valentine's Day gift. Now, all you have to decide is how to say all of that!

The photo books from ifolor

Look back over the last year that you've spent together -– memories of the summer holidays, photo of birthday celebrations, pictures of the trip you took in the autumn - and of course, last but not least, a romantic poem.

The adhesive-bound Photo books Deluxe, which are available in various sizes, or the Easy or Pocket photo books – in smaller sizes and featuring spiral binding – are just one of the perfectly suitable ways of doing just that.

Creative gifts ideas for Valentine's Day

Did you know …?

In Christianity, Valentine was a saint, and 14 February is therefore a day of celebration primarily in Europe, North America and South America. However, the day is also recognised in Japan, South Korea, China and Singapore.

Would you perhaps like to celebrate Valentine's Day the Japanese or Korean way this year?

On 14 February, women should give the men in their lives chocolate or a little something, and exactly one month later, on the so-called White Day, they will receive sweets, but no chocolate, from their loved ones in return.

Singles also do something special for Valentine's Day in parts of Asia: Those who haven't received any gifts during the months beforehand go with their friends to a restaurant and order black noodles on 14 April, Black Day.

Think about your friends too on Valentine's Day

It's not just about love; friendship, too, is perfect for Valentine's Day, so why not also present your friends with a little gift? A personalisable writing pad is a practical gift that people will always carry around with them.

Don't forget your single friends and go together with them -– as the Italians like doing -– for a meal or celebration on 15 February, the day after Valentine's Day. So, take Valentine's Day as an opportunity to remind your friends and yourself how much you actually have in common and how much you laugh together.

Love is...

Valentine's Day is a day of love and lovers, gifts and declarations of love.

Those of you who opt for the classic and elegant way are best off reaching for a pen: The diverse photo greeting cards from ifolor are the ideal complement to your words and pictures. Pralines and flowers are, of course, also a must when it comes to bringing joy to your loved one.

Creative gifts ideas for Valentine's Day

How old is Valentine?

Of course, not as old as love itself, but not far off it! As previously mentioned, Valentine was a Christian martyr, and a feast day on 14 February was inaugurated in his honour during the fifth century. The tradition of giving gifts, however, was only introduced during the Middle Ages– to express courtly love.

Anyone who still considers Valentine's Day to be a holiday of pure consumerism should now hopefully see the day as being one of pure and ideal romanticism!

More photo gifts ideas

How about a romantic weekend for two? Give your sweetheart a gift voucher in the form of a photo puzzle - guaranteed fun, and above all, a happy surprise!

There are also other photo gifts with which you can delight someone on Valentine's Day - how about couples' smart phone cases ?! Keep your loved one in your pocket!

Create these and other photo gifts online in a just few minutes with a couple of clicks!

Creative gifts ideas for Valentine's Day

Get started

So, you see: there's a multitude of ways to ensure special moments on Valentine's Day. All you have to do is one thing: Be romantic and let your imagination run wild!

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