A romantic wedding location on a lake

The Most Romantic Wedding Locations in Switzerland

Getting Married in a Special Atmosphere

Selecting a special location will provide you with the best chance of hosting a successful wedding celebration. Whether celebrating in the mountains, near a lake, under the open sky, or in a fairy-tale castle – the Swiss landscape offers all kinds of possibilities for a romantic setting. In order to ensure you can fully enjoy the most beautiful day of your life, we’ll show you here the most romantic locations for your wedding ceremony and reception.

Here we’ve gathered together some suggestions of especially beautiful castles, villas, rustic country cottages, and locations with a lake view in Switzerland for your dream wedding.

You can also find more information about planning and preparing for your wedding as well as inspiration about wedding photography and decorations here.

Castles and Stately Villas – Getting Married Like a Princess

Many brides dream of having a fairy-tale wedding. What better way to make this dream come true than selecting a castle or villa as a romantic wedding venue? English gardens, baroque towers, ancient chapels as well as magnificent ballrooms and great halls: all of these can be put at the bridal pair’s disposal to host a fairy-tale and grandiose wedding celebration. For those with a more idyllic taste, they could go with an estate in the middle of a vineyard. Enjoy the magnificent view of the vine-covered slopes or invite your guests along for a walk in the picturesque landscape.

Heidegg Castle – View of the vineyards
© Vereinigung Pro Heidegg

Romantic Castles and Villas

Schadau Castle: Seestrasse 45, 3600 Thun, https://www.schloss-schadau.ch/

Heidegg Castle: Vereinigung Pro Heidegg, Heidegg 1, 6284 Gelfingen, https://www.heidegg.ch/

Villa Wenkenhof: Bettingerstr. 121, 4125 Riehen BS, https://www.wenkenhof.ch/

Lenzburg Castle: Stiftung Schloss Lenzburg, 5600 Lenzburg, https://www.schloss-lenzburg.ch/

Münchenwiler Castle: Schloss Münchenwiler GmbH, 1797 Münchenwiler, https://www.schloss-muenchenwiler.ch/

Hohenklingen Castle: Hohenklingenstrasse 1, 8260 Stein am Rhein, https://burghohenklingen.com/

Wartegg Castle: Von Blarer Weg, 9404 Rorschacherberg, https://wartegg.ch/

Reichenau Castle: Weinbau von Tscharner, 7015 Reichenau, https://www.reichenau.ch/

Villa Orselina: Via Santuario 10, 6644 Orselina-Locarno, https://www.villaorselina.ch/

Nature Trend – Getting Married in the Countryside

For those seeking an alternative wedding location away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a wedding in the countryside is the perfect fit. These days, a wedding in the countryside is characterised by a rustic connection to nature. For this location, it doesn’t matter if the whole celebration is held completely out in the open or perhaps on a farm. Highlight the natural aspect of the location and select regional and local products when choosing the dishes and drinks for your celebration. The best part: you can use materials such as wood, flowers, straw, fabric, and ribbons to decorate your vintage location in an extraordinary fashion. This will not only be cost-effective, but will also produce a romantic atmosphere.

Romantic Locations in Nature

Der Engelberg: Gasthof EBERG, Engelbergstrasse 140, 5746 Walterswil SO, https://www.gasthof-eberg.ch/

Appenzeller Erlebnisbauernhof: Hinterbergstrasse 983, 9107 Urnäsch, http://www.appenzeller-erlebnisbauernhof.ch/

Gusslihaus: Haldenrainstrasse 67, 8404 Stadel, https://stadt.winterthur.ch/

Waldhütte „Cheserholz“: Trottengasse 9, 5445 Eggenwil, http://www.eggenwil.ch/

Dorfalm: Hauptstrasse 40, 8553 Mettendorf TG, http://www.festix.ch/dorfalm/

Baumhaus: Neuhof 1, 6024 Hildisrieden, http://www.baumhaus.ch/

Ziegelhütte: Near the city yet still rural, Hüttenkopfstrasse 70, 8051 Zürich, http://www.wirtschaft-ziegelhuette.ch/

Sparkling Water – Getting Married at the Lake

The lake is an especially extraordinary location for your wedding celebration. Whether enjoying the view of the sparkling water while sipping on your aperitif or taking in the romantic sight of the sun slowly setting behind the mountains and watching the last sunrays glow off the water’s surface – a wedding celebration hosted at the lake will offer guests a very special atmosphere. In order to make the celebration that much more unforgettable, guests have the opportunity to go on strolls along the water’s edge as well as taking a trip around the lake on a boat. These excursions can be organised with the local boat operators and are the perfect way to round off a wedding at the lake.

The Seehotel Sonne by Lake Zurich
© Romantik Seehotel Sonne

Hotels and Restaurants on a Lake

Romantik Seehotel Sonne am Zürichsee: Seestrasse 120, 8700 Küsnacht, https://sonne.ch/

Schiffsbetrieb Walensee AG: Gostenstrasse 11, 8882 Unterterzen, https://www.walenseeschiff.ch/

Restaurant Schifflände: Seestrasse 31, 8124 Maur, https://schifflaende.ch/

Marina Lachen: Hafenstrasse 4, 8853 Lachen, http://www.marinalachen.ch/

Partylokal Wendelsee: Zeltweg 10, 3604 Thun, https://www.partylokal.ch/

Seerestaurant L’O: Bahnhofstrasse 29, 8810 Horgen, https://www.lo-horgen.ch/

Steigenberger Bellerive au Lac: Utoquai 47, 8008 Zürich, https://www.steigenberger.com/

ifolor tip

Book well in advance! Since romantic locations are typically in high demand and could be booked years in advance, you should be quick about booking.

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