The most beautiful views in Switzerland – Panorama photography

The most beautiful views in Switzerland – Panorama photography

The Swiss landscape is characterised by impressive mountain peaks, lakes and gorges. Anyone exploring nature here should definitely have their camera with them, as Switzerland’s endless hiking trails reward you with spectacular views and unique photo motifs. Picturesque vineyards or raw rocky landscapes, deep gorges or mountains disappearing in the clouds – Switzerland offers all this and more. With so much untouched nature, it seems almost impossible to choose a motif or destination.

We want to help you with the selection and present 7 places for impressive landscape photographs in Switzerland.

Creux Du Van (Neuenburg and Waadt)

160 meter high rock faces rise vertically from the ground, they characterise the natural rock arena Creux Du Van and offer breathtaking photo motifs in every season. The steep stone slopes of the gorge are ideal for panoramic shots. A five-hour hike offers you insights into the deep gorges of the Jura mountains and countless opportunities for an impressive souvenir photo.

Fuorcla Val Sassa (Graubünden)

The national park Fuorcla Val Sassa captivates by its grey and barren rock landscapes. The “Valley of Stones” lives up to its name in every respect and the lonely stone desert exudes its own charm. The panoramic high tour is lined with unique photo motifs and represents a welcome contrast to the green valleys of Switzerland. With a little luck you may even meet ibexes up there and even in midsummer there can still be snow on the high stone plateaus.

Blausee (Bernese Highlands)

Between Kandersteg and Thun lies the Blausee lake. It owes its name to its crystal clear and deep blue water, which reveals the partly overgrown, partly smooth boulders and tree trunks at the bottom of the lake. The lake is fed by underground springs and, despite its depth of up to 12 metres, it can be seen down to the ground. Surrounded by dense forest, the lake offers a magical photo backdrop. Whether from the shore or during a trip with one of the glass-bottomed boats, here you are sure to take impressive nature photos.

Small tip: There is a sculpture at the bottom of the lake which can serve as an exciting photo motif.

Grindjisee (Zermatt)

The picturesque Grindjisee offers visitors an impressive view of the famous Matterhorn, which is reflected in the surface of the lake when the water is calm. Impressive mirror photographs can be taken here. But also friends of macro photography get their money’s worth here, as the mountain lake is lined by an impressive variety of rare mountain flowers. Tip: You can learn how to put flowers and plants in the right light in the Guide Book Nature Photography.


Aare Gorge (Bernese Highlands)

For thousands of years, water has dug its way through the limestone of the Aare Gorge. Up to 200 metres deep and at its narrowest point barely one metre wide, the gorge extends over a length of about 1400 metres and offers its visitors breathtaking views. The Aare Gorge lives from contrasts. Here edged rocks meet soft water and light and shadow surround the impressive rock walls. Impressive photo motifs lurk around every corner and thanks to tunnels and footbridges, the entire length of the gorge can be crossed on foot.

Lavaux Vineyard Terraces (Vaud)

With an area of over 800 hectares, the Lavaux vineyard terraces are the largest contiguous wine region in Switzerland. Picturesquely situated on Lake Geneva, the vineyards stretch across green terraces with snow-covered mountain peaks in the background. The idyllic landscape was once cultivated by the local monks and winegrowers and now invites you to take walks, wine tastings and, above all, breathtaking panoramic photographs.

Lake Bachalpsee (Bernese Alps)

Lake Bachalpsee lies on the First above Grindelwald in the Bernese Alps and consists of two parts separated by a natural dam. Surrounded by a species-rich moorland landscape, the lake stretches along the breathtaking panorama of the Jungfrauen massif. In good weather conditions, the snow-covered peaks are reflected in the surface of the lake and provide impressive shots.



Switzerland offers photographers and nature lovers diverse and breathtaking landscapes. From deep, crystal-clear lakes to vertiginously high mountains, the country offers an almost endless repertoire of photo motifs. The selected destinations should serve as inspiration and show you that the most beautiful motifs are perhaps right on your doorstep.

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