Yllättikö tilaamiesi kuvien koko?

Were you surprised by the size of the photos you ordered?

Have you received different sized photos as a surprise when ordering photos? We are going to tell you how you can receive photos which are all the same length in future.

1. Why are the photos I ordered different sizes?

We automatically produce digital photos based on the image file size, i.e. the aspect ratio. The sizes are (cm) 10 x 10–18, 11 x 11–17, 13 x 13–19 or 20 x 20–30cm.

You can select the photo’s shorter side when ordering. The photo’s longer side is dependent on the settings at the time of capture, i.e. on the camera’s aspect ratio. This way we ensure that none of your photo is cut off.


2. What are the most common aspect ratios and sizes?

The standard formats are:

3:4 → Image size: 10cm x 13cm
2:3 → Image size: 10cm x 15 cm
16:9 → Image size: 10cm x 18 cm

The aspect ratios can be easily changed in the camera settings. This way you will always receive photos which are the same length in future.


3. What are the most common camera aspect ratios?

Small compact cameras - 3:4 ratio

Most smaller compact cameras produce photo files with a ratio of 3:4. This means that the photo’s longer side is 1.33 times longer than the shorter side (1: 1.33). You get the following image sizes from this ratio: 10x13, 11x15, 13x17 and 20x27cm.

System cameras - 2:3 ratio

If the image files have a ratio of 2:3, i.e. 1:1.5, the photos can be the following sizes: 10x15, 11x17, 13x19 or 20x30cm. Almost all system camera produce these photos directly. Additionally, some compact cameras have a setting which allows the size to be changed to 2:3.

Phone cameras - 16:9 ratio

The wide-angle ratio of 16:9 can be selected for some camera models. This produces 10x18 (size 10) photos. The standard setting for photos taken with a mobile phone is often 16:9. Photos taken using the 16:9 setting are printed in sizes 11, 13 and 20 with a white border.

Resized photos

If you have resized photos yourself or the aspect ratio is not otherwise standard, photos will have the relevant proportions.

4. How can I find out the ratio?

Divide the number of pixels in the longer side of the photo file by those in the shorter side. For example, 1600/1200 = 1.33 or 3:4. To see the pixel widths, right-click on the image file symbol. Select “Properties” in the dropdown menu. You can find the pixel size in the window which is opened using the “Details” menu.


5. What do I have to do in order to receive photos of a certain size?

Resize the photos to the right aspect ratio, keeping the picture element in the frame. You can carry out the resizing using the Windows 3.7 subscription programme (Windows 7 upwards) or in a designer programme. You can also resize photos using the Ifolor mobile app.


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