Photography courses for beginners in Switzerland.

Photography Courses for Beginners in Switzerland

Learn the Basics of Photography from Real Professionals

Cameras enable us to capture great moments and experiences. It’s important to have the right camera settings and lighting conditions in order to take a good photo. Depending on who or what you are taking a photo of will determine what settings you will need to have on your camera and what camera accessories you will also need. Especially for beginners, a digital SLR camera with complex technology can be quite challenging. Therefore, lots of photographers, photo studios and photography courses offer workshops for beginners where they can learn about the basics of using a DSLR.

On a photography course you will learn everything you need to know about the different settings on your camera and how you can use them to take great photos. Not only is the theory important, but also making sure that you get enough practice. The course should be fun and motivating so that you would like to find out more about photography. Learn how to capture the right mood, great contrasts and landscapes in your photos. Your pictures will not only be unique, but they will also express your own visual view. Below we have listed some suitable photography courses for beginners in Switzerland.

Mikebite – Photography Course with Michael Bissig

‘‘The photography course should not only be a course, but also a little adventure or at least a lasting experience.’' Michael Bissig

The Swiss photographer Michael Bissig enjoys being outdoors and mainly takes photos of landscapes. His many years of experience enables him to pass on his know-how to the participants on his photography courses. This course is ideal for people who enjoy spending time outside in the fresh air. The workshops are held at breathtaking locations, preferably in the Swiss Alps.

’’At the moment, almost all courses are aimed at beginners and are structured accordingly. Special courses, such as night time photography is also aimed at beginners. Personally, the most important thing on all my courses is that you have understood what you have learnt..’’ explains Michael Bissig.

On each course there is a maximum number four to six participants. The focus is on the practical implementation of what has been learned. During the introduction on the course the participants and the photographer have a chance to get to know each other. In addition, the goals and expectations of the course are discussed. You will start off by learning about the theory and the topic will always be taught step-by-step and then put into practice.

«We will have a look at the photos we have taken and discuss with the group what can be improved. We also look at image composition and its rules. Most courses end with a sunrise or sunset or special photo locations for an unforgettable experience.’’, Michael Bissig describing the typical layout from one of his courses.

Link to Michael Bissig’s website:

Baur School of Photography

‘’Learn to see, learn to photograph’’. Dominik Baur

Dominik Baur founded the Baur Photo School in 2011. The courses at the school aim to teach the participants in a simple way and to put what they have learned into practice. There is a wide range of courses which focus on portrait, landscape and sports photography. You can attend a course in Bern, Chur or Zurich. Dominik Baur is the contact person before and after the photo course and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

‘’Thanks to many years of experience, we offer flexible and informative photography courses and individual support in various fields of photography. The school offers intensive courses that last one to two days so that you can learn lots about photography in a short time.  Lots of practice, good examples and constructive feedback is the key to success. Proven exercises are explained in an understandable way by professional photographers. On our courses you can learn the basics of photography or deepen your knowledge.’’ explains Dominik Baur about the courses at the Baur School of Photography.

The three month photo course always takes place one evening a week, which is also very popular. The photo courses are held in small groups so that each individual can get the help and support they need to improve their photography skills. The photographers actively support the participants with constructive feedback and expert knowledge. The aim is to sharpen the photographic eye of each participant.

‘’You can get inspired on a photography course, learn everything about optimal image composition and improve your photography skills.’’ Dominik Baur summarising the advantages of his courses.

Link to the Baur School of Photography:

Photo Courses with Fotostudio 60seconds

‘’We have a passion for teaching photography’’ Katja Saegesser.

Katja Saegesser is the owner of Fotostudio 60seconds and offers high-quality photography courses in small groups. The photo courses are held in Zug. Thanks to many years of experience the photographers are able to find and apply the right teaching method for each individual. The photographers take into account the photographic needs as well as the level of knowledge of each participant. Above all, each individual benefits from the practical and technical knowledge of the professional photographers. The focus of the courses is on the development of your own individual visual language. They also offer support when it comes to developing your own creative ideas.

The photo courses enable participants to learn and understand the theoretical part and then put what they have learnt into practice. The aim of these beginner courses is for everyone to be able to independently apply the knowledge they have acquired after they have completed the course. In addition, these courses form a solid foundation for more in-depth and subject specific photography courses. Individual private courses can be arranged on request by companies and customers.

Link to the Fotostudio 60seconds website:


By going to a photo course anyone can learn the basics of photography and put the knowledge into practice. There are lots of other establishments that offer photography courses, but the photography courses mentioned in this article will help to give you an insight into the process and possible course content. Many courses for beginners specialise in one area of photography, such as portraits or landscapes. A course for beginners in a different field of photography is also highly recommended for advanced photographers. Each field of photography comes with its own challenges that can even pose problems for experienced photographers.

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