• The photo candle

    The photo candle

    A creative enlightening decoration in no time at all

    If you always like decorating the table with creative lighting, we have just the right idea for you: how about a personalised photo candle?

    All you need for this is a jar which you place one or two photos in that you have cut to size beforehand depending on the size of the jar – like with the photo glass. The photos stay in place with a little drop of all-purpose glue in each corner.

    Now you can give your creativity free rein and try out different options. Either close the lid and put the candle on top. Or leave the lid to the side and fill the glass with water. Don’t worry: the photos will survive this. Then place a tealight on the water’s surface and you have a beautiful floating candle.

    Tip: If you have children in the house and would prefer to be on the safe side, use electric tealights instead. You can also place these in the jar but without the water and achieve beautiful light effects as a result.

    The photo candle

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