Print a Photo Blanket with your favourite pictures

Creative ideas for your individual Photo Blanket

Cuddly blankets printed with your own photos

As the days become shorter and the evenings colder, there is no better time of year lie on the couch with a hot drink and read a good book or watch a great movie. These moments could be even cosier with a custom-designed Photo Blanket made of cuddly soft microfiber fleece.

You can make others happy with a feel-good gift or simply treat yourself, let your creativity run free when designing your Photo Blanket. Depending on what the blanket is to be used for, you can choose between three different sizes. For example, the approx. 75x100 cm is perfect as a baby blanket and the approx 125x155 cm works great as a bedspread. The ÖKO-TEX certified, high-quality material, is also suitable for allergy sufferers and babies. The Photo Blanket is a great gift for any age.

Our Photo Blanket offers you enough space for your favourite photos and memories and it’s made simple by the ifolor design editor. Your photos can be printed to cover the entire blanket on one side. Do you have several photos you'd like to see on your blankie? You can create collages from several photos using the dynamic image arrangement.

Award winning: ifolor high-quality photo products

Your most cherished memories deserve only the best. This is why we are very proud that our photo products have already won several awards. Satisfied customers are our number one priority, which is why we always test our products and get them evaluated. Find out more about our awards and our great customer satisfaction guarantee.

Great design ideas for your Photo Blanket

The design possibilities are endless. Today we present you 4 ideas of how you can design your unique cuddly blanket.

A Photo Blanket with a picture of your children’s hobbies

A Photo Blanket with your child's hobby on

Children love their hobbies. Your child can be reminded of what they love to do every time then cuddle up in a Photo Blanket. For example, you can print a photo of their football, handball, or field hockey team, or simply a picture that they are especially proud of on the blanket. The best thing is to choose the print together with your son or daughter so that you know they will love it and help them fall asleep with a smile.

Design Tip

There are no limits to what you can print on your blankie. You can create graphics and lettering and add them into your design. Perhaps a funny saying or a quote that can be highlighted with a relevant picture. You can find examples on websites such as Canva or Wordswag, or create graphics with programs like Gimp or Photoshop. These can be perfectly designed to match your home, making your cuddly blanket a great decorative item for those cold days.

Holiday memories & Landscapes - Snuggle into your favourite scene

There are many ways to keep your favourite photos, like in a picture frame, canvas, or in a photo album. Why not on a blanket? Create your Photo Blanket with a beautiful snapshot from your last holiday. You can reminisce over your last summer vacation to give you a warm glow on the coldest winter days.

If you like the colder seasons you can add a lovely autumnal image on your blanket. The pleasant brown and orange tones of a colourful forest combined with a hot tea in your hand, will make you feel instantly warm.

A Photo Blanket is a perfect gift for grandparents

The Photo Blanket – a Perfect gift for grandparents

Grandma and grandpa are especially happy to receive a loving present. How about a soft blanket on with the latest family photo? Equally, pictures of grandchildren are a favourite for grandma and grandpa.


A joint gift idea from the whole family, would be to create a collage of cheeky selfies. Grandma and grandpa always have a souvenir of the family handy as decoration in the living room or just for some extra comfort.

Photo blanket as a gift for your partner

Stay Cosy Together with a Partner Photo Blanket

Show your partner how much they mean to you at Christmas, birthday, or anniversary by creating a partner blanket. Choose a beautiful picture of you together of which you both have fond memories. You can also write a sweet note to the photo in a photo editor. The cuddly blanket is perfect for cosy evenings and lets you enjoy the cool months together.

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