Here are the 2023 interior design trends

2023 furniture and interior design trends: Turn your home into a soothing oasis!

This year everything is focused on turning our homes into really soothing oases where we enjoy retreating and spending our everyday lives. No problem thanks to the 2023 furniture and interior design trends! Natural materials, relaxed shapes and practical furniture turn your own four walls into an oasis that is both cosy and extremely stylish. Are you longing to make a little change to your own home? If so, we hope to inspire you with our tips and ideas!

Interior-Trends 2023

The must-have interior design trends for 2023

Bye-bye Instagrammable homes; hello cosiness in your own four walls! Calming colours, cosy materials and more are the stars of this year’s show: The 2023 interior design trends are completely adapting to our desire for rest and relaxation. However, environmental friendliness and mental health are also featured in the interior design ideas – all topics that are currently on our minds now more than ever. But one thing’s omnipresent: miles of style! Discover the 2023 interior design trends and give your home a special kind of upgrade. ifolor has compiled the most important tips for you:

Natural materials are cosy

Interior-Trends 2023

Nature offers freedom and adventure, as well as relaxation. So, it’s no surprise that there is an increasing need for naturalness in our own four walls. Whether wood, rattan or jute, natural materials are trendier than ever because they easily create a warm and cosy atmosphere. Particularly soft textiles of linen, wool and organic cotton are currently bang on trend, and skilfully complete the cosy look. And best of all: they match every interior design style.

Multifunctional furniture – practical, cool, modern

A side table that can be quickly transformed into a stool or a sofa that you can convert into a bed. Multifunctional furniture is a particularly cool idea for small homes because it can be very easily adapted to your respective needs. Clear, iconic statement pieces look impressive, but are they still relevant in an era where flexibility has become our motto for life? It’s better to opt for multifunctional or modular furniture, and feature striking decorations as eyecatchers. This not only looks incredibly stylish, but is also sensible and practical.

Sustainability as an interior design trend for 2023

Interior Trends 2023

Whether clothing, cosmetics or food, the topic of sustainability is one we encounter in all areas of our lives. When it comes to 2023 interior design trends, sustainable products are also a must. Plastic items are being replaced by natural materials such as wood, wool, etc. Furniture, dubbed as “FurNEARture”, is locally produced, high-quality and durable. In addition, homemade and upcycled objects are being featured more in our homes. This is not only compatible with your environmental consciousness, but it also gives your home a completely individual touch. If you want to live sustainably, you can buy second-hand furniture and decorations. Vintage and antique interior design items are completely trendy this year anyway! With a little patience, you are sure to find a very special piece of jewellery for your home.

Feature calming colours

Have you ever heard of Japandi style? This interior design style is a hint of what trends are coming in 2023: Soft colours that create cosiness, harmony and elegance in your own four walls. From cream to sand to brown, you have a large colour palette to choose from when it comes to decorating your home. These delicate shades look particularly good when combined with natural materials. In addition, they are the ideal base for colourful accessories and decorations. And you don’t have to worry about your home looking too monochromatic. Are shades of beige and cream too soft for you, and you actually prefer brighter colours? No problem. The 2023 interior design trends also have something for you with blue, yellow and green, all powerful shades that create a bright yet calming atmosphere. One colour is particularly popular this year: “Digital Lavender”. The light violet shade emanates calm, casualness and cheerfulness. Combined with gold elements, you will create a luxurious look.

Geometric shapes for that certain je ne sais quoi

Interior Design 2023

Clear lines have long been a part of interior design, and this year they are also one of the current trends. Particularly geometric patterns and shapes are in, and will be real eyecatchers in your home. Whether printed on textiles of an ifolor wall decoration wallpaper with patterns or in the form of furniture, circles, squares and diamonds, etc. modernise and enliven your own four walls. However, please remember: less is more. It is best to choose a few statement pieces to create interior design accents, so that the overall impression does not appear overdone.

Design comes full circle in 2023

Alongside clear lines, furniture with organic and curved shapes also ranks among the 2023 interior design trends. Rounded corners on coffee tables, couches and sofas, for example, look modern and create a cosy feel-good effect in your living room. Round cushions and vases create a curvy silhouette in your bedroom. Curved chairs and an organically shaped table instantly upgrade your dining room.

Velvet still on trend in 2023

Interior Design 2023

Do you want to transform your home into a cosy retreat? If so, one material will really come in handy: velvet. This soft fabric is very versatile because it looks good on different furniture and decorative elements. At the same time, the fluffy material creates a cosy atmosphere that particularly invites you to cuddle up during the cold winter months. Velvet sofas and armchairs are also particularly trendy this year. They look glamorous and elegant, and are real statement pieces in bright colours or pastel shades. Whoever wants to try out this interior design trend can opt for velvet cushions, blankets and curtains.

Not just a 2023 interior design trend: mindfulness

Actually, all 2023 interior design trends focus on the motto of “mindful/slow living”. However, there are some items that really will help you to live more mindfully. For example, several warm light sources are essential for creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. Room plants are not only great for creating beautiful green accents. They are also good for your health as they purify the air and can even reduce stress. Mental health has now become a central topic in our society. In this context, many have also discovered meditation for themselves: With a little Buddha, flat meditation cushions and incense, you can easily create your own relaxation corner with a high level of zen. Do relaxation and mindfulness mean something else to you? Emotional “escape rooms” range from music rooms to massage rooms to libraries.

These furniture and interior design trends are out in 2023

What’s in today can go out tomorrow. This not only applies to fashion and beauty, but also to interior design. If you would like your home to be completely up-to-date, you should steer clear of the following interior design trends:

  • Open floor plan: For a long time, large open floor plans were the epitome of a modern home. However, the pandemic has caused many people to once again appreciate their personal lives, so that since 2023 home office, living room and kitchen now exist apart from each other. What remains important are bright rooms with plenty of light.
  • The colour grey: Neutral shades never go out of fashion. However, slowly but surely we’ve grown tired of the colour grey. Bright colours, even if they’re just in the form of decorations or accessories, are now up-and-coming because they help you create a cheerful atmosphere in your own four walls.
  • Too minimalistic: Minimalism still ranks among the hottest interior design trends. As cosiness and warmth are however paramount when it comes to 2023 interior design, you should definitely ensure that your minimalist interior design doesn’t look too sterile and cold. Scandi style is a good interior design style for skilfully combining both of these. If you want a little bit more, you will be happy to hear that maximalism is slowly making a comeback. Luxurious surfaces such as gold, metal or marble, exciting textures, as well as striking colours and patterns, are once again featured here, and are perfect for the comeback of the art deco look.

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