Good selfies mean more matches!

Good selfies mean more matches!

10 dating tips

Increase your success rate when it comes to scoring an exciting date with proper selfies or successful hobby photos on dating platforms such as Tinder. You know from your own experience: Getting the right photo is very important – a quick glance is all it takes for someone to decide whether to take a closer look or swipe left! Being able to take a good photograph of yourself is a skill that should not be underestimated – and is particularly helpful when it comes to improving your chances of finding the right person for you. So get your camera or phone ready now, and put these tips into practice!

1. Always use an up-to-date dating picture. Your profile picture should always be recent and up-to-date. It may well be that you look completely different in an old picture compared to how you look right now. Maybe by now you’ve cut your hair, for example, or got new glasses, or otherwise have an entirely new style. At the very latest, this will be noticed at the date itself. Don’t ruin a good first impression by using an old photo!

Tip: Take the selfie from slightly above – this will most flatter your face and will make your eyes look bigger. Extend your hand and raise it slightly to take the best photo from a little higher up. When a photo is taken from a right angle, your nostrils will be visible in the picture, and it will give the appearance of a double chin even when it’s not the case at all.

2. Show your face and smile. To take the best selfie of yourself, your face must be clearly visible. So, this means no sunglasses, and don’t wear a hat or helmet either. Choose a smiley emoji too because Tinder’s own research shows that you get more matches using it. Also, learn how to use image editing programs to bring out more vivid colours or highlights in the photo.

Tip: Instead of looking directly into the camera, you can slightly shift your gaze sideways. That way, your face is still visible – that’s the most important thing, after all – but from a more interesting angle. This also makes the face look narrower.

3. Take care with the lighting for your selfies, so you’ll increase the impact. Make sure the lighting is appropriate because no-one likes blurry images taken in dim light. Ideally, you should take your selfies in daylight and outdoors. Rotate on your axis to find the direction that offers the best light; generally, light from above is the most flattering.

Tip: It is easier to take photos using a ring light since this does not cast any shadows. Even an affordable device found in the supermarket will allow you to improve your images – the ring light, for example, is an absolute must for filmmakers.

4. Men, please keep your top on. Women, no duck face, please. Your body that you’ve been toning up in the gym is definitely worth seeing! But you have much more to offer than just that. Pictures of men with no top on are rather off-putting for many. For women, the same applies when it comes to making a duck face at the camera or twisting your body to draw attention to the chest and butt – leave this to Kim Kardashian instead. It simply gives the impression of still being a bit immature and wanting to make an excessive show of yourself. Of course, if physical attributes are what matter the most to you, the photo criteria are a little different.

Good selfies mean more matches!

5. Use photos to give an impression of your hobbies and everyday life. Show what you like to do in the photos. Find photos that show you skating, cooking or travelling, for example. If your hobbies are social in nature then all the better because that puts you in a good light. That said, you shouldn’t put group photos with your best friends on your profile because it can be difficult for your dating partner to recognise you in the crowd – or, even worse, someone else in the group may seem more interesting to them.

Tip: Did you know that most mobile phones take a picture when you press the volume button on your phone or headset? If you want to take your selfies from further away, reach for the good old selfie stick.

6. For a good picture of yourself, it’s better to ask someone for help to avoid unwanted reflections. We’d also advise you not to take your selfie in the hallway or in a bathroom. Unfortunately, it often makes you look a bit sad when your gaze is fixed on the camera through a mirror. What’s more, the mirror and the surrounding area needs to be neat and well cleaned. So, it’s best to ask a friend for help because with full body photos in your profile in particular – at least one of these is recommended in any case – this actually always works better. I’m sure the person helping you will be very happy to do so once it’s clear what the picture is for.

7. Taking a photo with your pet: yes or no? When it comes to pets, there are varying opinions on the subject. So, you shouldn’t necessarily take a photo of you kissing your beloved bulldog in your profile picture. After all, your goal is to meet and get to know another person. Instead, you should use the additional photos to show that there is an important pet in your life. Imagine if you were to spend a lot of time chatting, you start to fall in love, and then on the first date it turns out your date is actually allergic or really doesn’t like cats!

8. Upload as many photos as possible. Upload as many photos as the dating app allows. The worst idea would be to only post a profile picture of yourself and then sit back and wait for matches on this basis alone. Remember: A picture says more than a thousand words. If you leave just a single picture, people could think that maybe you’re not taking things seriously – or even that you could have something to hide? On Tinder, you can and should link your account to your Instagram account so that swipers can see your latest activity.

Tip: Take selfies from different angles and with different looks. Always check what can be seen in the background and make sure your surroundings are clean. Delete any unsuccessful images from your phone and from the cloud to avoid wasting storage space.


Good selfies mean more matches!

9. Avoid any unsuccessful images in any case. Certain kinds of photos elicit only negative reactions. For example:

  • Photos that are blurry and out of focus, or with your face barely visible
  • Images of alcohol abuse and other bad habits such as smoking
  • Former partners included in the images or photos of children (mentioning them in the text is enough)
  • Photos presenting mainly cars and other possessions
  • Clichéd, deserted landscapes
  • Fishing and hunting photos with text that could be seen as tasteless, aggressive, racist and negative.


10. And once you’ve got a date arranged? Surprise your date with your good mood! There’s no second chance at a first impression. Prepare well, find a good place to meet and think about what you want to say about yourself. If the date seems really promising, take a small gift with you. A heart-shaped photo tin is guaranteed to awaken feelings, especially when a photo of your choice has been used to decorate the lid. Maybe a photo of yourself or something that means a lot to you? Or save your gifts for a next date and wait to see where your feelings take you.


Good selfies mean more matches!

This is how to make sure things stay fresh with your new love interest or even relationship. Sometimes, for example, the start of summer can get your hormones pretty revved up, sparking interest in more than just your own partner. But if you have already found your dream partner, then you should definitely invest in making your relationship feel fresh even amongst your day-to-day routine. Take your time, talk to one another, listen, think about things to do together. You can even send a few nice messages to one another in the middle of the day or allude to a more risqué picture.

Tip: Celebrate the anniversary of your relationship and give your loved one a picture book of moments spent together. So romantic!

Good selfies mean more matches!

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