Original design ideas for your chic Easel Calendar

Cool Easel Calendar

Create your own personal desk calendar using your own photos

The Easel Calendar is ideal for adding a personal touch to your desk. Thanks to the compact 13x15 cm format, the desk calendar doesn't take up much space and it also fits perfectly on narrow shelves or the windowsill. We show you how you can creatively design your Easel Calendar to either keep for yourself or give as a gift.

Dedicate a beautiful or motivating saying to each month of your desk calendar.

A personal message for each month

It's much easier to start the day with your favourite quote or a motivational saying in mind. Design each calendar page with a saying or a personal message - to yourself or to your loved ones whom you would like to surprise with the Easel Calendar gift. Use online tools like Canva to add cool fonts, backgrounds, or even combine your photos with the text. You can simply save your result as a JPG and place it as a photo when making your Easel Calendar.


You can turn each calendar page into a small work of art by creating a digital drawing on a tablet in your own writing. to Simply save your work as a JPG and use the image files for the calendar design.

Seasonal calendar for fruit and vegetables

A calendar that shows which fruits and vegetables are in season each month is practical for your meal or shopping plan, but also help you become more sustainable in your everyday life. Seasonal produce is cheaper and has a much smaller ecological footprint due to short transport routes and shorter storage times.

Create your own seasonal calendar using photos from your garden or even your own small drawings. You can either create your own drawings digitally and save them as an image file or simply scan hand-drawn pictures in.

Incorporate the signs of the zodiac into your calendar design.

The twelve signs of the zodiac on your Easel Calendar

Every person's zodiac sign is based on their date of birth. Each sign of the zodiac, such as Leo, Aries, Pisces, etc, are assigned certain characteristics that are believed to be transferred to people born in that month. For example, Cancer is considered romantic and humorous, Leo is courageous and kind-hearted, and Taurus is business-like and reliable.

Use the twelve zodiac signs as design elements for your desk calendar! You can download graphics and symbols of the zodiac signs in various styles from free photo websites such as pixabay and use them for your design. Use the zodiac signs as full images or as frames for your photos. You always have the current zodiac sign along with your favourite photos in view on each calendar page.

Halloween in October, lily of the valley in May: add things or occasions typical of the month to each page.

The trademark of each month

Halloween in October, the Christmas tree in December, skiing in February, ice-cream sundaes in July: Use the seasons, month-typical features, and holidays as a common thread for your calendar design. You can try to find suitable designs for each month that matches the season or perhaps has the same first letter as the name of the month. To make it even more personal, capture your own memories and special moments, such as your wedding picture for the month page of your wedding day or a picture of your child on their birthday month.

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