Creating souvenir jars – 3 ideas for your holiday souvenirs

Souvenir jars – For unforgettable travel souvenirs

DIY ideas for successful souvenirs of the holidays

You came back from a trip and brought along a lot of memorabilia? In order for these exclusive souvenirs not to get lost, we have a great idea for you to keep them nicely visible. Souvenir jars are the perfect way to present your souvenirs and they look beautiful, too. We will present you three inspirations to make such jars of souvenirs.

Souvenir jar #1: Beach is beach

A souvenir jar is perfect for souvenirs of holidays at the beach. Surely you have collected some nice stones and shells. These are arranged together with a beautiful holiday photo in the jar and your mini-beach is ready to see in the jar. You can easily order your favorite holiday photos and present them in a special way.

For the beach souvenir jar you need:

  • Preserving jar in the desired size (at least 10 cm high is ideal)
  • Decorative sand
  • Small souvenir from the holiday
  • Shells and stones for decoration
  • Souvenir photo in Square or Retro Print
  • Gift ribbon and washi-tape for the glass rim, as you wish
Designing souvenir jars – DIY idea with sand and shells

This is how it works:

  • Put sand in the preserving jar
  • Arrange souvenirs, shells and stones in any order
  • Place photo in between
  • Decorate glass rim with ribbon and washi-tape


It is not legal in every country to take stones and shells from the beach. Inform yourself in advance so that no complications arise.

Souvenir glass #2: Ocean in the Glass

If you made a trip to the ocean, this jar is a brilliant opportunity to collect your souvenir photos. Maybe you were snorkeling or diving and took snapshots of the many colourful sea creatures? Order photo prints for the small boats, preferably rectangular and make your own Photo Stickers with fish and other marine animals.

For your ocean memories in the jar you need:

  • Preserving jar in the desired size (at least 10 cm high is ideal)
  • Blue paper napkins, blue fabric or similar
  • Rectangular Photo Prints (e.g. 9x13cm or 10x15cm)
  • Photo Stickers
  • Extra: e.g. small light chains with battery operation for decorating
Designing souvenir jars – DIY idea with Photo Stickers and boats

This is how it works:

  • Crumple napkins and place them on the glass bottom
  • Stick Photo Stickers from the inside to the back wall of the jar
  • Fold paper boats from Photo Prints and place them on the “ocean”
  • Possibly decorate upper rim of the glass with, for example, a light chain


Underwater photos of fish, corals, etc. are recommended. If you didn’t take any underwater photos, you can download many free images at the photo-sharing sites.

Souvenir jar #3: The World in the Living Room

There is so much to see in cities around the world. Souvenir jars are excellent for the collection of mementos and souvenirs. And to make the whole thing especially personal, simply add a particularly successful holiday photo – and you will have your memories of the impressive city trip preserved for your living room decoration.

For a city jar you need:

  • Solar glass or another larger preserving jar
  • Pebbles or decorative stones
  • Rectangular photo print
  • Memorabilia of the trip, e.g. the miniature of a sight
  • Pen that can write on glass (e.g. chalk marker)
Designing souvenir jars – DIY idea with souvenirs and photo

This is how it works:

  • Cover the glass bottom with stones
  • Place souvenirs on them, possibly holding them in place with superglue
  • Put the photo print across the rear wall of the jar
  • Decorate jar with a chalk marker (signs, logo of the place)


Depending on how tall your glass is, it is best to make the photo in landscape format so that it is easy to see.

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