Creative design ideas for photo strips.

Creative ideas for photo strips

Using trendy photo strips to add a decorative touch

Photo booth style photo strips are not only very popular and decorative, but they are very also very practical. At ifolor, you can order photo strips in a practical set of 5. Per photo strip, you can have up to four photos and you can also choose from a variety of layouts. The size of a photo strip is 5x19 cm, which makes them perfect for decorating gifts, greeting cards or using them for arts and crafts.

Photo strips

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Personalise your gifts or decorate them individually with photo strips.

Using your photo strips as gift tags

Create customised gift tags out of photo strips by printing up to four photos to match the occasion or pictures of you and the recipient. Choose one of the templates to match your creative idea. You will also find different layouts with textboxes in which you can enter the name of the recipient or a short personal message. On the back of the photo strip, there is also space for a lovely message that you can handwrite, which is great for adding a very personal touch to your gift. As the photo strips come in a set of 5, you can create several different photo strips, which can then be used as gift tags or for creating something else.

Add a personal touch to your wedding invitation with a photo strip, which can have up to four photos.

Using photo strips to add a personal touch to your wedding invitations

The photo strips from ifolor are perfect for adding a personal touch to your wedding invitations. Choose some of your favourite snapshots from the two of you or use any pictures from a couple's photo shoot and use them to create the photo strips for a wedding invitation. To make your wedding invitations even more unique, why not choose some photos of shared memories for each addressee. It's easy to do because the photo strips come in a set of 5, but you can design them individually. If you choose a layout with text, you can also use the photo strips to write down the date of the wedding, your names or a short personal message. Why not finish off the invitation by punching a small hole at the top or in one of the top corners of the photo strip and thread a pretty ribbon through it to attach the photo strip to the invitation and voilà your unique wedding invitations are now ready to be sent off!


Are you still looking for ideas or inspiration for a great design for your wedding invitations? Click on the link below, where we've put some great ideas together.

A very original photo wall: create photo strips with your best memories, which make fantastic wall decorations.

Create trendy wall decor out of photo strips

Choose your favourite photos and put them on some photo strips, which are great for decorating your walls! Create a gallery of mini collages and attach them to the wall with decorative washi tape. Alternatively, you can attach the photo strips to some pretty ribbons and decorate them with beads or small wooden balls. Your wall decor will look very chic if you tie the ribbons with the photo strips to a pretty branch, which you can then hang decoratively on the wall.

Creating a photo strip with photos from pregnancy to the baby’s first photos.

Create a mini collage using photo strips to announce the birth of your baby

Hurray, you're finally here! Announce the birth of your baby by ordering their first photos as photo strips and sending them to your loved ones. Use the text boxes to write your baby's date of birth and name. On the back, you can write down the birth details such as time, weight and height or you could even congratulate grandma and grandpa on their grandchild. You can also put your pregnancy photos on a photo strip with pictures of the baby bump and an ultrasound image to share the good news with your family and friends.


After the birth of a baby or even after a wedding, people like to send thank-you cards to friends, acquaintances and relatives for their wishes and gifts. Photo strips are also great for sending some great photos from the wedding or the baby’s first pictures together with a thank you card.



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