Stylish decoration and original gift: a self-designed Photo Wall Clock.

A Wall clock with your own photo

Design a practical wall decoration or an original gift idea

Wall clocks can do much more than just tell the time. Not only are they great wall decorations but they can also help you keep organised with appointments. Your Photo Wall Clock will help you to be on time and avoid stress. Use it as a practical yet stylish wall decoration by having your Photo Wall Clock printed with your own pictures! We show you three ideas for a creative design.

Create your own Photo Wall Clock using your favourite quote.

Add your favourite quote to your photo wall clock

Design your own wall clock with a saying, a special, or a pretty design. Placed in the kitchen or study to start the day motivated and keep an eye on the time. With free apps or online tools such as Canva, it’s easy to make a design using your favourite quote. Simply save it as a JPG and place the finished file on the template in the design editor just like a normal photo.


When aligning your design on the Photo Wall Clock, make sure that the hands are placed in the centre of the clock so that they cover the areas in the middle of the picture. However, you can also use the rotating hands for creative and funny designs.

A nature photo design for your Photo Wall Clock.

Stylish Photo Wall Clock will get attention in any room

In the office, the waiting room, the classroom, or even in the kitchen: a clearly visible clock is helpful and practical. Depending on the room, different designs may be suitable: In the office perhaps a motivational saying, in the classroom a class photo, in the living room use floral designs, in the bathroom or waiting room use designs such as beach or nature shots...Be as creative as you like.

Design your own wall clock with an image that matches the atmosphere of the room. The clock will add to the decorative theme. With its harmonious design, it contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

An alternative Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary gift: Photo Wall Clock with twelve pictures of you and your partner.

Give a personalised wall clock as a gift

Turn the Photo Wall Clock into a unique gift for your loved ones. For example, surprise a child about to start school with a personalised wall clock for their bedroom so that he or she gets to school on time.

For Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a wedding day, you can preserve the most beautiful moments of you and your partner on a unique wall clock. This is an original way to show your sweetheart that you think of him or her around the clock. The template with twelve picture holders around the clock face is perfect for this.



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