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    Create Your Own Table Decorations for Christmas

    Create Your Own Table Decorations for Christmas

    A festively decorated dining table for your Christmas dinner will delight all of your guests. Give your decorations your own personal touch this year and decorate the dining table with your best photos. Create your own menu for the Christmas dinner and give your guests special photo greetings.

    How to Prepare Your Table Decorations for Christmas

    The most important thing when decorating your table is the colour scheme. You should keep a theme in mind when designing your decorations.

    Just use traditional Christmas decorations when setting your table such as wood and small Christmas tree branches and cones and half of the work is already done.

    Then go through your photo collection and look for pictures that fit your chosen colour scheme and theme. Let your creativity run wild!

    A woman standing at her decorated dining table and looking at her self-made menu

    Creative Decorative Ideas for Christmas Dinner

    Surprise your Christmas dinner guests this year with a menu card that you’ve created yourself. The front side of the menu can display a good photo you have of the guest. On the rear side of the menu you can put the various courses served for the dinner as well as some Christmas greetings. Either printed or written by hand - your guests are sure to appreciate the personal Christmas message.

    For this, you can either use our Maxicards or our Single Greeting Cards: cut these out to the desired dimensions and lay them either on or behind the dinner plates.

    You can also prepare the seating arrangement for your Christmas dinner in an extra fancy way this year. For this, create your own Folded Greeting Cards and use these as place cards. Guests can easily recognise their own seat thanks to their own photo card that shows a great memory you’ve shared with them.

    Photo Greeting Cards with Paper Cuttings - A Creative Head-Turner

    To make your menu or place cards especially eye-catching, complement them with paper cuttings.

    Just take a sheet of paper that is about the same size as the Photo Greeting Card. Make sure you choose a colour for the paper that fits the overall colour scheme of your dining table.

    Fold the paper in the middle. Then cut the paper along the fold at intervals of 1-2 cm apart. If you’d like to create a Christmas tree as a paper cutting, make sure the cuts become shorter as you reach the top. This will allow you to create an abstract form of a Christmas tree.

    A tree appears when opening the card

    Product tip:

    Create your own menu in just a few clicks online using our Folded Maxicards.

    Order some Photo Greeting Cards to use for your Christmassy paper cutting and have them delivered to your home in just a few days.

    Then, fold every other cut inside out in the opposite direction of the original fold. Finally, you should also fold the photo greeting card, like one of our Maxicards, in the middle so the photo is easy to see once you attach it to the paper cutting.

    Then glue your finished paper cutting to your photo greeting card and you’ve added an extra Christmassy dimension to your photo greeting card.

    Just add a personal Christmas greeting, and… in just a few steps you’re already finished creating a special Christmas decoration for your dining table!

    Here Are Some More Decorative Ideas

    Design your table decorations so your guests can take them with them when they leave and they’ll have something they can always remember your special Christmas dinner by.

    Add more to your table decorations by creating a silverware or napkin holder. To do this, start out by ordering some Folded Photo Greeting Cards. These are perfect for holding napkins or silverware. Just tape the side opposite the fold with masking tape. Then you can insert either napkins or cutlery into the card.

    Cosy candle lighting is a must for any Christmas dinner. You could create your own photo candles, which are also perfect to give away as gifts. You can learn how to create your own photo candles here.

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