Individually design and decorate your table for Christmas

Christmas table decorations

Individually design and decorate your table for Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time together with your family and friends and over the festive period a lot of people enjoy having meals together. Make your table look Christmassy with some candles, Christmas themed napkins and perhaps a small gift. A beautifully decorated table not only adds to the Christmassy feeling, but it will also give your Christmas dinner a personal touch. We will show you how you can creatively and individually design your table decoration for Christmas.

Our Do's and Don'ts List will give you an initial overview of what you should look out for when decorating your table:


✅ Create a colour scheme for your table decorations so that you have set colours such as red and green, gold or even silver.

✅ When decorating always follow the basic rule of "less is more".

✅ Use natural materials such as twigs, pine cones, slices of dried orange or cinnamon sticks to add the finishing touches to your table decorations.

✅ Using other decorative items and tableware can add the finishing touches to your table decorations. You could also personalise some table decorations with photo products from ifolor.



❌ Use decorative items in a wide range of colours.

❌ Don’t put too many decorations on the table otherwise it will look too busy.

❌ Decorate the table with only photos and photo products.

❌ Buy new crockery and Christmas decorations just to decorate your table for Christmas.

Design your own photo greeting cards as a chic menu or place cards.

Using a photo greetings card as a menu

Create individual Christmas dinner menus for your guests, which will make your guests look forward to each delicious course you will be serving. The Folded Greetings Card is perfect for this, as the folded card offers plenty of space for a Christmas design on the front and your menu on the inside. The folded card can be stood up on the table for each guest to take a look at. If you would like to make your menu or drinks list for your Christmas dinner more presentable a Folded Maxicard is the perfect choice. The folded card in A4 format is the perfect addition to your Christmas table decorations.

The ifolor Greetings Cards also make great place cards. They come in a practical set of 10 and you can choose between classic or square shaped folding cards, simple greetings cards or postcards as place cards for your guests. Design the front with a Christmas or winter picture, the name of the guest and then add a personal message, Christmas wishes, a Christmas dedication or a short Christmas poem on the inside or on the back of the card. All cards can be printed with text or if your prefer you can handwrite the cards afterwards.

Christmas wishes for over the festive period

To add the finishing touches to your place cards for Christmas dinner or great for adding a Christmassy message to your personalised Christmas card. Here you will find a nice selection of Christmas wishes from classic to funny.

Click here to get inspired

You can decorate place cards, Christmas cards and even small gifts with photo stickers, which you can design yourself. Give your decorations and Christmas presents a personal touch with some ifolor Photo Stickers.

Creative gift ideas

Are you still looking for the perfect Christmas present? Here you'll find lots of great ideas for creative and decorative gifts full of memories.

Homemade place cards and menu holders

You can make your own fantastic card holders for your place cards or menus with simple tools and materials. You can use four corks glued together in a square to put a card on the top. You can also use pine cones and small or thick pieces of wood as a base for your cards by sawing a notch into each one of them and then you can insert the cards. If the pine cones keep falling down you can stick them to a thin piece of wood with some glue.

You can use individually designed photo coasters as place cards on your table.

Using coasters as place cards

The square shaped Photo Coasters from ifolor are perfect as decorative items for your table or as creative place cards for your Christmas table decorations. Personalise the coasters with the names or initials of your guests or use some Christmas and winter pictures to decorate your table. The coasters are available in practical sets of 4 or 8. You can store them safely in the box provided until the next Christmas dinner party. Alternatively, you can also make them as a gift for your loved ones, who can then take them home with them after the Christmas dinner.

Individually designed Christmassy crockery that matches the table decorations.

Create your own Christmas themed crockery

Design your own photo mugs and ceramic bowls with winter designs or Christmas patterns to match your Christmas table decorations. This is a great way to add some colour to plain crockery and to make your table stand out. Use the individually designed crockery each year for Christmas or create them as great gifts for your loved ones and fill them with chocolates or homemade biscuits.
Use an individually designed key chain with your own photo as a decorative napkin ring or they are also great gifts for your guests.

Individually designed key chain as a napkin ring

The ifolor Key Chain is perfect as a small but fantastic decorative item for your Christmas table decorations. You can print it with a lovely family photo, for example, and use the Key Chain as an original napkin ring on your table. For each guest you could use a personalised key chain with a matching napkin and a decorative pine twig. By doing so, you can add a personal touch to your table and your guests can later take their key chain home with them as a small gift.



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