Petfluencer Instagram accounts for animals

Animal Instagram-Accounts

Be honest - how many snapshots of your pet do you have on your smartphone? We're guessing, quite a few. Many pet owners today maintain an Instagram account for their beloved animals. This way, you can collect your photos in one place and share your pet's adventures with the whole community.

Pets on Instagram: Four-legged friends as petfluencers?

Looking at pet photos puts you in a good mood - an effect that many owners also use to earn money with their pets. Instagram accounts for animals are therefore becoming increasingly popular.

Successful Petfluencers, as the name suggests, also have quite a bit of influence. The animals are unimaginably popular for advertising campaigns in social networks. Loyal fans of Petfluencers are also extensively supplied with pet merchandise.

The animals are ideal for advertising, as they are not associated with political problems or social controversy topics. Very few people feel offended by cute animal photos and these people don’t have to follow the pets. An advertising deal with a Petfluencer is therefore particularly lucrative forbrands that cannot reach certain target groups by other means, or only with difficulty.

Petfluencer: The most successful animals on Instagram

Animals attracting the interest of millions of fans have long been known in the USA. Slowly, the "petfluencer" phenomenon is reaching Europe. Dogs and cats still occupy leading positions - but other animal species are also mingling with the successful petfluencers, such as foxes and raccoons.

Petfluencer "jiffpom"

The champion among petfluencers is "jiffpom", a dwarf Spitz with immaculate hair. The little dog is a real internet star with more than 9 million followers on Instagram alone. With his teddy bear look, Jiffpom makes every heart melt.

Petfluencer "nala_cat"

Nala the cat also inspires millions of fans worldwide with her Instagram account. In addition to cute pictures and videos, there are all sorts of useful things to discover on her account, such as tips for cats with sensitive stomachs.

Tips for animal Instagram accounts

With a little skill, you can secure a spot in the Instagram spotlight for any animal. We'll show you how to easily set up an Instagram account for your pet and explain what it takes to succeed.

1. Keep your pet's best interests in mind.

Dressing up and adding make-up to animals is fun to watch, but four-legged friends don't always join in the fun voluntarily. Therefore, do not force your pet into uncomfortable or dangerous situations. Give your pet plenty of breaks and rewards. Being a petfluencer should never become a torture.

2. Find your own style

The recognition value of your pet pictures and videos is crucial for the success of your account. Whether recurring image statements or a consistent colour scheme are recognisable - your images should be linked by a common style. A coherent overall image will make your account stand out from the masses of animal photos.

3. Pay attention to quality and quantity

Try to post regularly so that your content is not quickly forgotten. At best, post once or twice a day. You should also pay attention to the quality of the posts.

In addition to an appropriate description, choose the right hashtags to explain the story behind the picture or video. If you want to make your pet an international petfluencer, use English hashtags.

4. Keep varied

Don't just post pictures, post short video of your pet. Does your dog jump in circles when he's excited? Does your cat get saucer-sized eyes when he's anxiously waiting for something? Situations like these make ideal video content for your animal Instagram account. You can also use Instagram Stories to tell short stories in pictures and video clips. This way, you can share your pet's adventures with your followers.

Cute animal pictures on Instagram


Cute pet photos can make you popular and rich. Through advertising contracts and merchandise, some petfluencers in the US have already been able to turn their pet into a hefty source of income. Regularly posting high-quality photos as well as videos and a consistent presentation style help your pet Instagram account stand out from the crowd. With a little luck, your pet could even become the next viral internet star.



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