Extraordinary Instagram accounts.

10 Instagram Accounts with Exceptional Style, Designs and Perspectives

There are more than one billion active Instagram users worldwide, uploading millions of pictures and videos every day. However, some accounts stand out more than others. In this article we will show you 10 Instagram accounts with extraordinary style, great designs and good angles.

Real People Real Stories: @humansofny

The idea behind this Instagram account and blog with the same name, "Humans of New York", started out as a photography project back in 2010. Initially, the goal was to photograph 10,000 New Yorkers on the streets of New York and to create a coffee table book. However, this concept was so popular that Brandon Stanton now not only shows people in New York, but also all over the world.

Extraordinary Underwater Shots: @elenakalis

Photographer Elena Kalis shares breathtaking underwater photos on her Instagram account @elenakalis that exude a fairytale atmosphere and unique aesthetics. Her underwater photos are often characterised by surreal scenes. She creates a world underwater where it seems that people and objects float and form a harmonious connection with the underwater landscape.

Colourful Artist: @paulfuentes_design

Paul Fuentes from Mexico is a photographer and graphic designer and his account is very colourful. He creates art from two everyday objects, such as food or sports equipment and then from this he creates something completely new. His works of art will definitely make you smile. His account is known for photos with pastel shades that really stand out on his Instagram account.

The Dog as a Travel Companion: @thiswildidea

Travel photographer Theron Humphrey not only travels to the most spectacular places in the world, but he also has a very special travel companion. Namely his dog Maddie, who is also the secret star in every picture on his Instagram account. His pictures show the bond between man and animals as well as the beauty of nature.

The Art of a Balanced Breakfast: @symmetrybreakfast

This account was created by Michael Zee, a graphic designer and chef from London. The idea behind @symmetrybreakfast is to show symmetrical breakfast creations in a creative way that are both visually appealing and extremely delicious.

Dream Holiday Inspiration: @theblondeabroad

Travel blogger Kiersten Rich not only shares the most beautiful places in the world, but she also provides practical information on the best destinations, accommodation, restaurants and activities, as well as advice on planning a trip, travelling solo and financing your travels. What makes the account special is Kiersten's focus on women's empowerment and encouraging women to explore the world.

Impressive Landscape Shots: @alexstrohl

On photographer Alex Strohl's Instagram account there is one element that can be seen in almost every picture. When looking at his account you will quickly notice that he has a special relationship with water. Strohl has a unique style that allows him to capture landscapes, underwater shots or small mountain lakes in an impressive way.

Vibrant Geometric Patterns: @drcuerda

The Instagram account @drcuerda belongs to the Spanish photographer and designer Daniel Rueda Cuerda, who is known for his unique photos often characterised by geometric patterns and vibrant colours. He uses architecture and natural elements as backdrops for his images and often interacts with the subjects himself to create visually appealing and original compositions.

Minimalist Landscape and Architecture Photography: @Sejkko

Artist Manuel Pita is known on Instagram as Seijkko for his minimalist and well composed photos. On his Instagram account, he shows his photographs, which are often characterised by natural environments, urban landscapes and abstract shapes. His images are known for their calm and meditative feeling. He often experiments with lines, colours and symmetry to create a sense of harmony.

Street Food from Around the World: @girleatworld

Make sure to have a look at Melissa’s Instagram account if you would like to know what street food you should try in Japan or what you should get at a local market in Taiwan. Not only do you get to see pictures of sights, but also the snacks to go with them. Her photos often show her hand holding a delicious dish with famous landmarks or picturesque landscapes in the background. The combination of culinary diversity and cultural travel experiences makes her account very unique.



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