Summer events in Switzerland: 4 useful tips on events this summer.

Summer Events in Switzerland

4 Tips for Events this Summer in Switzerland

Summer events are always great fun as there are lots of delicious food and drinks to try, good music, and the hustle and bustle that creates an upbeat atmosphere. Attending events across the summer will give you some unforgettable memories that you will enjoy looking back on. Don’t miss out on these top 4 summer events in Switzerland.

An aerial view of a big street parade in Zurich.

Street Parade in Zurich 12th August 2023

This event is similar to the Love Parade that used to take place in Berlin. This street parade is full of colourful "love trucks" that make their way through the city streets whilst playing techno music. This event is an absolute must if you are a big fan of electronic music. Lots of people from all over the world come to Zurich to enjoy this great event. The Street Parade runs along a fixed, approximately 2,5 kilometre long route through Zurich and features a varied music programme, including well known DJs, a laser show and so much more. The route is always the same and it runs along lake. The route of the procession is lined with various stages and drinks stands. Admission for this event is free since the Street Parade is considered a demonstration and is organised by an association. However, you can support the association by buying refreshments and snacks at the designated drink and food stands along the route. This year marks the 30th edition of this popular techno parade, which runs from 1pm until midnight. However, the party doesn’t end there as there are various nightclubs who have teamed up with the Street Parade event and they have organised after parties and shows.

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OpenAir St. Gallen: 29th June Until 2nd July 2023

Since 1977 this unique festival has been held annually in the northeast of Switzerland. It is one of the oldest and largest music festivals in Switzerland and it is one of the best events in the summer. This event is also well known abroad because OpenAir St. Gallen stands for trendsetters and top acts from the world of music. The location is also very special and creates an extraordinary ambience that gives this event its very own charm. This area is otherwise made up of untouched landscapes in the middle of a nature reserve, but during the summer this event turns this open space into a small town near St. Gallen. The event’s top priority is sustainability and being environmentally friendly. At the OpenAir St. Gallen there are seven stages where you can enjoy four days of great music from various genres by well known top acts across seven stages. This year's acts include Macklemore, Kraftklub, Peter Fox, The Lumineers and more.

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Don’t Forget Your Essentials

At a summer event you don’t need to carry a big backpack around with you as you will only need a couple of things such as your wallet or purse, smartphone, chewing gum and tissues etc. You can individually design your own tote bag or gym bag and put everything in it, that you will need for a day at a summer event!

Summer Gym Bag

Individually design your own summer gym bag for festivals, days out or summer holidays. Choose between two sizes either 37x46 cm which can approximately hold up to 9 litres and 29x34 cm which can approximately hold up to 4 litres. Afterwards all you will need to is upload your photos and then have fun getting creative and designing something truly unique.

Summer Tote Bag

The tote bag from ifolor is 40x40x7cm, which offers you enough space for a picnic blanket or beach towel, water bottle, snacks and much more. This is the perfect bag for summer events as there is enough space to pack everything you will need. You can individually design your tote bag by designing the front and the back of the bag with your own pictures, lettering or patterns.

A girl laughing on a roundabout.

Fantastical Lake Night Festival in Kreuzlingen: 11th August Until 13th August 2023

This lake night festival takes place by Lake Constance and it is an action packed three day festival which is great fun for the whole family! There are various attractions and a varied programme of live music, shows, dance performances, parties and children's activities. This event is guaranteed to be lots of fun and it is a great way to spend the last couple of days of the summer holidays. Culinary fans will also get their money's worth with a wide range of delicious street food. There are also a lot of attractions for children such as bouncy castles, obstacle courses, craft stalls and so much more. On Saturday evening, there is the largest fireworks display at Lake Constance and this is a fantastic event that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. You will only need to pay for admission on Saturday, otherwise the admission on Friday and Sunday is free of charge.

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Freshly prepared street food.

Streetfood Festival in Aarau: 18th August Until 20th August 2023

The Streetfood Festival in Aarau is the perfect event for foodies or visitors who enjoy trying new dishes. The event takes place at the Maienzugplatz in Aarau in the Swiss canton of Aargau.  The admission is free of charge and it starts on Friday 18th August at 5:45pm. At the event there are 50 food stands where you can embark on a mini culinary tour around the world with freshly prepared traditional dishes from 30 countries. You can also sample the different dishes so that you can try a bit of everything. There are also various bars where you can try beer, wine, gin and excellent cocktails. This event is also suitable for families with children and there are various street artists and musicians, which create a relaxed atmosphere.

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