Add your photo to a bath or beach towel in 3 sizes.

Design your own Photo Towel

Print your photos on a towel for the bathroom or beach

We use towels every day and it is one of those items that we cannot do without. Personalising your towel with a favourite photo will make each day a little brighter. Design your own Photo Towel for your home, the next beach holiday, or the sauna. You can order the towel in 3 sizes: ca. 50x100 cm, ca. 70x140 cm or ca. 90x185 cm. We show you four fantastic ideas for personalising your towels.

A personalised towel with a photo and your child’s name.

Personalised bath towels for the whole family

Add a photo and name for each of your family member’s towels. Find a photo of each person or something that they love and add their name to the bottom of the towel to truly make it theirs. Personalised towels are also a great idea for flatmates. Surprise your flatmates with personalised towels and finally create some order in the bathroom!

Dog picture on a bath towel - dog with his owner.

Add your four-legged friend to your bath towel

Keep a memory of your pet preserved on a personalised towel. The bath towel displays your photo in full glory on the edge to edge printed side. It will be sure to attract attention and it's also a great way to find your seat quickly and easily when you come out of the water. In the privacy of your own home, you get to enjoy your pet memory every time you go into the bathroom.


Having a picture of your four-legged family member is a great way to label your ‘dog towel’. Use it to dry their paws or wet fur after a wet walk or a swim.

Design your own beach towel with summery images.

Personalised beach towel

Get even more enjoyment this summer with your own beach towel! Pick out your favourite summer pictures of swimming, eating ice cream, or at the beach and create a lovely collage for your beach towel. Order in either a practical 70x140 cm bath towel or as an XXL 90x185 cm beach towel.


Photos with single subjects such as flowers, leaves or patterns look great on towels. You can use your own photos or look for copyright-free images online.

Design a bath towel with a personal slogan.

Add your favourite saying to a towel

Instead of a photo, you can add your favourite saying, poem, or quote to personalise your printed towel. The easiest way to create a great design is with free tools like Canva. You can use one of many templates and add your own background, text, and photos.


When choosing a theme, make sure that your background and the text complement each other well. For example, the image doesn’t take away the focus from the words or the words do not block the main part of the image.

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