Individual customised Photo Key Chains.

Personalise your Photo Key Chain

Create your own individual Photo Key Chain

A key chain with someone’s name or initial and their favourite photo isn’t only handy, but it is also a great gift idea. With ifolor, you can choose from four different shapes- a rectangle, circle, flag or heart shape.

We will show you four great ideas for customising and how to use your Photo Key Chain.

Photo Key Chain designed as a personalised partner pendant.

Customisable matching Photo Key Chains

By creating matching key chains, you will always have your best friend, sibling or loved one with you! For this, the heart-shaped pendant would be a perfect choice. The other shapes are also ideal if you prefer something simpler. Eternalise a particularly beautiful picture of you and a special someone together on the Key Chains or design each photo charm with a picture of the other person or their initials. This way you will have your special person with you every step of the way in your everyday life.

Useful Key Chain as a dog tag with the owner’s address and telephone number.

Key chain for your pet as a collar tag

In some situations, it can be very useful if your pet is wearing a visible tag with their owner‘s address and telephone number. If someone finds your pet, they know where to ring or where to return your pet to. This way your lost four-legged friend will quickly be returned home safely. For example, create your own photo keyring for your pet by printing a picture of you and your mobile phone number on it. Otherwise, you can use a neutral background and print your pet's name and address or phone number on the tag. With tools like Canva you can combine images and text in just a few clicks and save them as JPGs.

A personalised Key Chain for each member of the family.

Personalised Key Chain for each member of the family

Do you have trouble finding your keys at home on the key hook or in the key bowl? Personalised Key Chains are a great help so that every member of the family or everyone in a flatshare has their own set of keys. This way the keys won’t get mixed up at home or if you’re on the go. Make sure to have the name of the owner of the Key Chain printed onto the Key Chain along with their favourite photo or animal. If the key has been left in the office or forgotten at school by accident, then it will quickly find its way back to its owner

Individually designed Key Chains as a useful wedding gift.

Individual Key Chains as a creative gift

For a wedding, a milestone birthday, or a milestone anniversary, it has become very popular to hand out small gifts to guests or to surprise them with them at their workplace. With self-designed Key Chains, you can give your guests a personal keepsake that will come in handy. Eternalise a nice saying on the tags or personalise them with the names of your guests and use them as creative place cards!

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