Design photo products with cool sayings

Design photo products with cool sayings

Photo gifts for every occasion

Are you looking for a beautiful photo product gift, for an anniversary with your partner or simply for your own home? It's not just the right photo that counts - you can make your photo product even more unique with sayings that match. Depending on the occasion, the saying can be loving, romantic, or even funny. Here are a few ideas on how you can spice up your photo gifts with sayings.

Romantic sayings for your partner

If the gift is for your partner, choose romantic sayings that connect you both. When selecting your images, make sure they are suitable for adding a saying. Calm images such as the sky or the sea will make good backgrounds. Don't cover the focal point of your photo with the text. You should also avoid wild patterns with lots of colours, otherwise, the writing will be difficult to read.

For a romantic gift, you can choose a photo blanket or a photo cushion, for example. With these cuddly products, you can enjoy cosy hours together. You can choose a beautiful picture of yourselves together and design the blanket or cushion with a loving saying.

  • I love you to the moon and back.
  • Will you be my quarantine?
  • Together is our favourite place to be.
  • ... and then we met.
  • You are the most beautiful coincidence of my life.
Photo blanket and cushion is a perfect gift for your partner.


ifolor Photo Blankets and Photo Pillows are available in a variety of sizes, so you'll find the right size for every occasion. We use high-quality OEKO-TEX certified fabric to make our photo products is, which means it is suitable for allergy sufferers and babies.

Another great photo gift for your partner is a personalised mobile phone case. You can decorate the smartphone case with a romantic picture and even add a little message. Your partner will always carry a part of you with them, whether at work or while shopping.

  • I love you more than the queen loves her corgis.
  • Enjoy the little things.
  • Just the two of us.
  • You are the sparkle in my life.
Personalised smartphone case with a love message.

Show your friends how much they mean to you

Give your friends a little treat by sending them a personalised greeting card. Choose a fun photo of you all together, then select a saying that shows how much your friendship means to you. Alternatively, you can send a funny sentence that pokes fun at your friends. A personalised greeting card is not only a nice surprise but with a special photo, it can also be framed and made into a great wall decoration.

Ideas for sentimental and funny sayings for your friends:

  • Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.
  • True friends are always together in spirit.
  • I would give you my last piece of toilet paper.
  • Friends never say “goodbye”, they simply say “see you again”.

How about a personalised Photo mug to show your best friend that you’re there for them? It will give them a good start to each day. You can also complement the mug with our Photo Coasters. Add a funny picture and they will give you something to smile about each morning. Here are some example witty sayings:

  • In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips.
  • I love you more than coffee.
  • You are the gin to my tonic.
  • Every picture tells a story.
  • Coffee and friends make the perfect blend.
Photo mugs printed with cool sayings for your friends.

Individual home styling

You can create beautiful photo products with cool sayings for yourself. With Photo Canvases or Adhesive Photo Posters, you can add some unique decor to your home. Whether it's a motivational saying, a film quote, a joke or a romantic sentence, you can express yourself exactly how you like within your own four walls.

  • Life begins after coffee.
  • Life is short. Buy the shoes.
  • All you need is love & coffee.
  • The kitchen is for dancing.
  • You aren’t wealthy until you have something priceless.
Create your own wall decoration designs

With programmes like Canva you can even create your own designs easily online and insert them into ifolor Designer. It’s easy to create a unique wall decoration.

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