Baby belly shooting – capturing the excitement in pictures

Baby belly shooting – capturing the excitement in pictures

A growing baby is a very special experience for everyone involved. The expectant mother feels the changes and after a few weeks a clear rounding becomes apparent. During this time, many women are looking forward to a baby belly shooting in which they can record this special time in individual shots. We give you tips and hints for a successful pregnancy shooting.

Time for a baby belly shooting

The right time for a baby belly photo shooting is between the 29th and 36th week of pregnancy. The curvature of the belly is easy to see and the mother usually still feels fit and comfortable in her body. The further the pregnancy progresses, the higher the probability of water retention, stretch marks and limited mobility. All these are factors that can disturb the well-being of the expectant mother during a shooting.

Select a suitable location

There are no limits to the choice of location for the baby belly shooting. Wherever the expectant mother feels comfortable is perfect. Whether in nature, in the studio, or at home as a home shooting – it is important that the baby’s stomach is the centre of attention. Baby belly pictures in nature are particularly popular with many expectant mothers. Even if the weather plays a considerable role, beautiful photos can be taken at any time of the year. It is also important that the baby’s belly is easy to see.

A baby belly shooting in her own four walls increases the comfort factor of the photo model and creates cosiness and familiarity in the pictures. Here the mother can be photographed in bed, on the couch, with her partner or in front of a window. The clothes should be adapted to the environment and may also be more comfortable. Take advantage of the different lighting conditions and include personal items such as already purchased baby clothes or your pet.

In the photo studio, detached shots are taken in which the woman and her baby belly are the sole focus. In this protected room you can give free rein to your creativity. Especially with the possibility of the individual illumination the image effect can be influenced more purposefully here. Pay attention to details and accessories, because small blemishes stand out here particularly by the perfect illumination. The room temperature should be slightly increased so that the model feels comfortable even with light clothing.

Detail and poses of the baby belly

The main focus of the picture should always be on the baby belly. The ideal position is diagonally from the front or from the side, so that the rounding comes into its own. Whether sitting or standing, detail or portrait, the position of the hands is important. At least one hand of the mother should lie protectively on the belly. A popular pose is to fold both hands to a heart on the belly. Involve your partner or siblings by placing one ear on your stomach or kissing it. The partner can also put their hands around the stomach to protect it. In addition to the classic shooting, the course of the pregnancy can also be recorded in a collage with pictures from the various months of pregnancy..


Accessories for the baby belly shooting

Before the shooting, watches, eye-catching jewellery and nail polish should be removed, as they divert attention away from the belly. When taking close-ups, you can integrate personal items such as ultrasound images, baby shoes, nuggets, ribbons, pacifier chains, socks, etc. into the picture. Creative accessories such as cord phones, coloured balloons or post-its with small personal messages also give the picture an individual touch. Little siblings can be included with colourful finger colours. Make sure that the picture does not appear overloaded and that the naturalness of the baby belly is preserved.


Outfit for the baby belly shooting

The choice of outfit depends above all on the mother-to-be herself, because she must feel comfortable. It is important that you can see the baby belly well. The colours should not be too bright and the patterns should be rather discreet. Three to five different outfits should be planned in order to get many different pictures. Especially popular are special dresses that are used for baby belly shootings. They are usually made of very light, semi-transparent fabric and allow a view of the baby belly.

Tip: Keep it natural! A thoroughly styled and heavily made-up model looks rather inappropriate and alienating during a baby belly shoot.

Tasks for the photographer

In addition to creating beautiful and unique baby belly images, the photographer also has a duty to take care of the well-being of his models. Expectant mothers are in a special situation and need sufficient breaks. For this reason, pay particular attention to the first signs of exhaustion and tiredness and help the expectant mum sit down and stand up.


A pregnancy is a very special time for every woman, which she will not forget for the rest of her life. With a very personal shooting or a photo documentation of the growing baby belly, you capture the memories in unique photos. By choosing the location, the clothes, and the accessories you give your baby belly pictures your personal touch. We wish all expectant mothers lots of fun during the shooting!

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