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    HD Metal Print

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    from 46.75 from 51.95 per-item
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    from 46.75 from 51.95 per-item
    from 46.75 from 51.95 per-item
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    • From 20x30 to 75x100 cm
    • 1.1 mm ChromaLuxe metal plate
    • Impressive high-definition effect
    • Floating effect thanks to aluminium rails
    • High-resolution sublimation process
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    HD Metal Print

    Make your own four walls more beautiful with an ChromaLuxe HD metal print in 20 x 30 cm format. Your photo is printed on a specially coated metal sheet. The high resolution sublimation printing guarantees a unique effect. So high definition that you’re bound to have to look at it several times. The ultra-thin, just 1.1 mm thick metal sheet also attracts plenty of glances as it literally seems to be floating on the wall thanks to the pre-assembled bracket. Give it a try!


    About the product:

    Aufhängung HD Metal Print

    Shadow/floating effectAlmost like magic your HD Metal Print seems to float on the wall. The aluminium rails on the back of the print bring the image off the wall by a few millimetres. The protruding wall picture casts a slight shadow and provides the great floating effect. It is effortless to attach the HD Metal Prints to the rails or with the additional hangers that are included.

    HD Metal Print Chroma Luxe

    Ultra-thin lightweight metal plateYour photo is printed and burnt onto an ultra-thin ChromaLuxe aluminum plate using a special premium printing technique. This special sublimation process from ChromaLuxe ensures unique colours, vivid contrasts and highest resolution. The 1.1 mm thick metal plate not only looks classy, but it also withstands sun, dirt, and moisture for a lifetime.

    HD Metal Print - Dein Bild in High Definition

    Your picture in High DefinitionYou want something high quality, which gives your favourite picture a premium appearance in your home? Your photo printed on metal is just the right thing: The ChromaLuxe technology stands for extra high-resolution, absolute colour brilliance, liveliness, and durability.

    As individual as you:

    HD Metal Print  - Edler Blickfang für dein Wohnzimmer

    A premium eye-catcher for your living room

    Create an elegant eye-catcher by printing your most beautiful photo as an HD Metal Print from ifolor. Thanks to the lightweight material and simple hanging mechanism, you can easily arrange several metal prints as a chic photo wall - for real gallery flair. Either select all the metal prints in the same format or vary the formats - just as you like.
    HD Metal Print - Moderne Wohnung

    Modern apartment

    Is everything in your home, from furniture to decoration, perfectly coordinated for a modern look? Then all you need are your favourite photos as elegant custom Metal Prints for that final personal touch. Use them as individual wall decorations for the whole apartment. The robust ChromaLuxe surface can take just about anything, suitable for the Kitchen, hallway, bathroom, and so on.

    HD Metal Print  - Metalldruck im Badezimmer

    Metal print in the bathroom

    Normally pictures on the wall do not like splashes of water or humid air: with the HD Metal Print, this is no longer a problem! Stainless, resistant and durable, you can easily hang it up in the bathroom or other damp rooms. Your custom Metal Print can be a real feel-good factor. So how about hanging your best holiday photos for some ‘beach feeling’ in the bathroom?

    Here you will find an overview of the different sizes:

    Format 1:1
    Sizes 1:1 Sizes 1:1
    Format 1:3 / 2:5
    Sizes 1:3 and 2:5 Sizes 1:3 and 2:5
    Format 2:1
    Sizes 2:1 Sizes 2:1
    Format 2:3
    Sizes 2:3 Sizes 2:3
    Format 3:4
    Sizes 3:4 Sizes 3:4

    Multi photo HD Metal Prints

    Creating them is really easy: simply select the “multi photo” option, upload the photo – done.

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