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    Acrylic Glass Plate

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    from 44.95 from per-item
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    • Size: from 20x30 to 75x100 cm
    • Aluminium plate, 3 mm
    • Reflection-free and high-quality colours
    • Incl. wall mount
    • Matt UV direct print
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    Acrylic glass plate

    Print out your favourite photo on acrylic glass and give your memories a wonderful and spectacular look. Our acrylic glass plate in 20x30 cm landscape format gives your photo a special touch. Your photo is displayed on UV-direct print on a 4 mm-thick glass plate. Thanks to our special wall mounts that are included with your order, your photo will appear to float and bring your room to life.

    Price Overview

    Acrylic glass plate 20x30 cm, Landscape format

    20x30 cm
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    About the product:

    Acrylic glass plate - Stylish thanks to the special wall mount

    Stylish thanks to the special wall mount You can attach the acrylic glass plate to the wall with the help of the special included mount. The four silver holders not only cause the unique floating effect but are also visible from the front and give an elegant touch.

    Acrylic glass plate - TExtra vivid thanks to the depth effect

    Extra vivid thanks to the depth effect The high-quality UV direct print and the 5 mm thick acrylic glass plate give your photo an exciting spatial depth and a radiant colour effect. This makes your photo on acrylic glass look exceptionally vivid!

    Acrylic glass plate - Slightly translucent

    Slightly translucent We print your photo on the back of the acrylic glass plate so that it emerges in high-contrast colours behind the 5 mm thick acrylic glass. The slightly translucent acrylic glass lets your picture shine extra bright.

    As individual as you:

    Acrylic glass plate - Your photos on acrylic glass in the kitchen

    Your photos on acrylic glass in the kitchen

    Splashing water and steam from cooking? No problem! Protected by the acrylic glass, this wall decoration is perfect for your kitchen. It’s easy to clean and stylish at the same time. You can simply wipe it with a damp cloth.

    Acrylic glass plate - An elegant eye-catcher for the office

    An elegant eye-catcher for the office

    Photos of the team, important milestones of the company or matching mood pictures: as a chic acrylic glass plate they are a great eye-catcher with a personal touch in the office. Whether it is for an open-plan office, a conference room, or the entrance area, the ifolor acrylic glass plate is available in many different formats to fit every room.

    Acrylic glass plate - Creative acrylic glass: desk pad or game board

    Creative acrylic glass: desk pad or game board

    The acrylic glass panel is also ideal for original DIY ideas! Create a colourful collage of your favourite photos in ifolor Designer, order it as an acrylic sheet in a large format and your personal desk pad is ready! You can use the same principle to create a particularly original game board with your own photos, e.g. for a personalised "Man, Don’t Get Angry" game.

    Here you will find an overview of the different sizes:

    Format 1:1
    Sizes 1:1 Sizes 1:1
    Format 1:3 / 2:5
    Sizes 1:3 and 2:5 Sizes 1:3 and 2:5
    Format 2:1
    Sizes 2:1 Sizes 2:1
    Format 2:3
    Sizes 2:3 Sizes 2:3
    Format 3:4
    Sizes 3:4 Sizes 3:4

    Acrylic glas place as multi panels

    One photo, three parts: Creating them is also really easy: simply select the “Trio” option, upload the photo – done.