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    Photo Book Premium Photo Paper

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    • Formats: A3 landscape, A4, A5 landscape, 28 x 28 cm
    • 340g/m² genuine premium photo paper
    • Hardcover with flat inner pages
    • 26 to 120 pages (A3 max. 96)
    • Optional gift box in A4, A3, 28x28 cm
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    Premium photo paper photo book

    Store your memories safely in a premium photo paper photo book in A3-landscape format. The 26-72 pages in either a matte or glossy finish are made with high-quality premium photo paper and can be designed online with help from our numreous design templates. You also have the choice between a matte or glossy cover to keep your photos safe.

    About the product:

    Premium photo paper photo book -  Flat pages - First choice for large images

    Flat pages - First choice
    for large images
    With the special binding of the Premium Paper Photo Book, the book pages are glued together so that they lie flat next to each other. This design makes it perfect for large panorama photos that spread across two pages. This premium photo book shows off your images to the highest quality.

    Premium photo paper photo book - Genuine photo paper in matt or glossy finish

    Genuine photo paper in
    matt or glossy finish
    Genuine premium photo paper means that your photos are as realistic as possible. The gloss finish gives your images a glow, while the matt paper adds a wonderful depth and resists light reflection on the surface. The real photo paper is thicker than standard digital printing paper, giving the book pages a more solid feel. When stored properly, photo paper can preserve your images for more than a hundred years- long-lasting and brilliant, lifelike photos.

    Premium photo paper photo book - Hardcover available in matt or glossy

    Hardcover available in
    matt or glossy
    With its stylish hardcover, the Premium Paper photo book looks impressive while offering excellent protection for your memories. Choose your unique cover in either matt for a lovely velvety feel or in glossy for more radiant colours.

    As individual as you:

    Premium photo paper photo book - Unforgettable travel experiences

    Unforgettable travel experiences

    You’ve just come back from a special trip visiting a long-awaited destination. It’s time to add your favourite travel photos in the Premium Photo Book and let them shine in vivid colours on real photo paper. The photo book is perfect for panoramic pictures of incredible views, thanks to the fanfold binding you can display photos across 2 pages without a bump in the middle.

    Premium photo paper photo book - Wedding Photos

    Wedding Photos

    Bride and groom photoshoot, emotional moments, and of course, the evening party - collect the most stunning wedding photos and display them in our premium photo album for the very best quality. To capture this special day in full size, there is an XXL version available in A3 format.

    Premium photo paper photo book - Your family's greatest milestones

    Your family's greatest milestones

    Your family has experienced a lot together and celebrated many anniversaries. This is the perfect time to document all the great times you have shared with your family by creating a high-quality photo album. Weddings, birthdays, new house, and much more - collect photos of the biggest milestones and design your Premium photo book in a nostalgic timeline story.

    Also available:

    The Gift Box for Photo Books

    The Gift Box for Photo Books

    As of now you can order our high-quality gift box with a magnetic latch for the Photo book Premium photo paper in A4, A3 oder 28x28 format. You have the choice between classy white or elegant black. Your photo book is well-protected in the gift box thanks to its foam inner lining. Simply add the present box to your cart at the end of the ordering process.

    Photo books in ifolor Designer

    Photo books can be created easiest and most creatively using ifolor Designer for Windows. You have more design options, direct access to your photos, benefit constantly from the latest software version and have all your photo books saved clearly on your computer. We present the most important ifolor Designer functions to you here.