• Various photo products as romantic gifts for Christmas

    Personalised Romantic Gifts for Christmas

    Make your partner’s Christmas especially memorable this year. Surprise your sweetheart this Christmas with self-created photo gifts that showcase your most cherished memories and experiences together. Feature precious memories of the first time you met, a trip taken together, and other milestones of your relationship in a one-of-a-kind photo book, a personalised photo calendar, or one of many other photo products.

    Use the 12 calendar pages to prominently display your most favourite moments shared together over the course of the past year or design a brilliant collage featuring the most important milestones in your relationship. You can use up to 4 photos on each month’s page. You can also completely personalise the calendar page for each individual month. You could, for instance, divide the five columns for shared plans, your personal plans, your partner’s personal plans, and household chores. While designing the calendar as a Christmas gift for your partner, you can also go ahead and add important dates such as your anniversary, birthdays, and other already-set plans.

    Give your partner an especially romantic gift this Christmas in the form of a self-created photo book. Every love story begins with a first message. Eternalise these first exchanges in a slightly different kind of photo book. Supplement these messages with memorable photos of your first date, a trip to your favourite restaurant, and everything in between that tells the story of your love. Complete your love story with other memorabilia such as tickets from especially memorable experiences shared together.

    Use your Christmas card to really express to your partner just how thankful you are for them. Really bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face this Christmas with a personal complement. Design your card for your romantic Christmas gift with a fitting saying, a small poem, or something else that you’ve always wanted to convey to your partner. A complement from the heart or a declaration of love is the most beautiful gift of all you can give on Christmas.

    Surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend for Christmas with a photo puzzle you designed yourself, featuring snapshots of shared experiences or your last holiday together. This customisable photo puzzle with up to 1,500 pieces brings fun and memories into your loved ones' living room. A cool leisure activity – no matter what time of year, and especially fun for two, of course. Your partner will definitely think of you and relive the memories while putting this puzzle together. By the way, the puzzle comes in a charming box that also looks good in the living room.

    Individualised Gift Wrapping for Your Romantic Christmas Gift with Our Photo Stickers!

    Top off your Christmas gift for your partner with lovely wrapping. Decorate your Christmas gift with personalised photo stickers that showcase your most cherished moments as a couple. This will be sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face even before they’ve unwrapped their present.

    The magic mug from ifolor is the perfect way to express your love for your partner at Christmas. Whether for big or small declarations of love, you can use this mug as a special way of letting your favourite person know how you feel. The magic cup's simple, black design seems inconspicuous at first, but when you fill it with a hot drink like tea, the actual image slowly appears on the cup. Print a nice photo or a colourful collage of you together on the mug and add a personal dedication for the new owner of this magic mug.

    Transform your photo mug into a one-of-a-kind romantic Christmas gift by designing your mug with a personal message of love. Whether while enjoying their morning coffee or savouring a cup of tea at work – a complement or a few words of love will always be sure to put your sweetheart in a good mood. Bring everlasting joy to your partner this Christmas with a self-written message of love. To do this, simply write your message on a white piece of paper and decorate it as you like. You can then photograph your message of love or scan it to obtain a digital copy. Afterwards, simply add your picture to the photo mug.

    Make your photo canvas as a Christmas present for your partner something they’ll really remember. You could, for instance, create a collage from photos of your most cherished moments spent together. With our template containing four square image placeholders, you can create your own collage in just a few clicks. You could also affix a cork board to display other memorabilia such as ticket stubs or lucky charms. Alternatively, you could also add here a gift voucher or tickets to an event to supplement your Christmas gift for your partner.

    Give a sustainable gift this Christmas and surprise your partner with a self-designed SIGG Bottle. With the reusable drinking bottle, you can reduce plastic waste and have an environmentally friendly companion for excursions, cycling or walking tours, and when travelling. Have the drinking bottle printed with a photo of your favourite place or an unforgettable trip - and you have a sustainable and personalised Christmas gift for your partner.

    Shine the spotlight on your fondest memories as a couple with an XXL wall decoration as a Christmas gift. Show off an impressive picture from a shared journey or an unusual experience in a 50×150 cm, 90×120 cm or 100×150 cm format and bestow an exceptional atmosphere to the home of the lucky recipient. This XXL wall decoration is sure to become an impressive eye-catcher that will never be forgotten.

    Create a special cushion for your partner this Christmas: the ifolor Photo Pillow is available in three formats and in various colours and designs. It comes complete with an inner cushion, is OEKOTEX-certified, and is suitable for people with allergies. Have your pillow printed with a your favourite couple selfie or create a great collage of your best moments together.

    A personalised photo bath towel makes the perfect companion for beach vacations or active holidays. That also makes it an ideal gift for your partner for Christmas. For example, have your photo towel printed with your favourite photo from your last summer holiday, or create a beautiful collage of your best experiences together. Romantic sunsets, gorgeous beaches or landscapes you've visited together lend a bit of holiday flair and sense of romance to the towel. You can order it as a practical bath towel in a 70×140 cm format or as an XXL beach towel that measures 90×185 cm.

    ifolor's photo tin is a unique storage option. It helps keep things tidy and better organise everyday objects. Choose from four different options – rectangular, round, square or heart-shaped – whatever version suits your girlfriend or boyfriend best. Whatever you decide, these unbreakable photo tins are true all-rounders and can be used in a variety of ways. These pretty tins can be personalised and are particularly ideal for giving small sweets at Christmas.

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