• Design Christmas Gifts for the Grandparents

    Design Christmas Gifts for the Grandparents

    Christmas is once again right around the corner and you’ll soon have the chance to spend some quality time with your family. With lovingly selected Christmas gifts, you can bring special joy to the grandparents, parents, and kids. What could be better than to give them personalised photo gifts with your best family photos so they’ll be able to time and again delve into cherished memories? Surprise the grandparents with self-designed photo products with pictures and works of art from their grandchildren. These gifts are guaranteed to be a hit!

    Transform an ifolor monthly planner into a completely personalised year in review as a Christmas gift for the grandparents. Design the 12 month pages with your best photos of memories shared together and excursions with the whole family. Here you can design calendar pages with large-formatted photos stretching across the whole page, place your photos in chic borders, or even create a colourful collage using multiple photos. While designing the calendar, you can also go ahead and add important events, birthdays, or family vacations. You can also spruce up your photos with humorous clipart or add a small photo of the birthday boy/girl next to the corresponding date.

    Give your Christmas gift for the grandparents a really special touch and add some of the grandchildren’s drawings in a photo product or in the photo book. Simply scan the little works of art or alternatively take a picture of them laying on a neutral background so you can digitalise them and subsequently use them as pictures for your photo product. With the aid of a simple image-editing program or directly in the ifolor Designer, you can crop the drawings to a suitable size. Then you’ll just have to place these on your photo product or on the pages in the photo book. Use the placeholders to add more photos or text, such as a picture of the little Picasso as well as the date the picture was drawn. Something like a short anecdote or picture title are also perfect for complimenting your child’s work of art.

    Classic, humorous, or as a Christmas collage – our versatile design templates have something to offer for everyone. Simply select “Christmas” under the “Occasion” filter to see all our Christmas-themed card layouts. You also have the possibility of filtering results by layout type, from single photos to collages. You can make your Christmas card for the grandparents especially personal by adding a seasonal poem or saying to the inside of the card. Maybe try out your own rhyming skills when writing your Christmas greetings or look for a fitting Christmas-themed poem for your photo greeting card.

    ifolor's wall clock is both practical and decorative. Customised with a personal photo, this clock lets you breathe new life into the home of somebody near and dear to you. Maybe your grandparents have a favourite saying or animal? Or how about fantastic portraits of the entire family?

    “Photo Memo” is a classic that comes with 48 cards (24 photos) and the personal touch it offers is sure to make it extremely entertaining for your grandparents. You can personalise the ifolor photo memo and transform it into a creative gift. For the design, choose fun snapshots of you together, or mix it up with pictures of the whole family. Incidentally, ifolor's photo memo comes in a practical, stylish box that also makes it an eye-catcher.

    Completely Individualised Gift Wrapping for Your Grandparents’ Christmas Presents with Our Photo Stickers!

    A lovingly gift-wrapped present will increase the recipient’s pleasant anticipation while unwrapping their present and will be sure to make your Christmas gift for the grandparents especially eye-catching from the first glance. With the ifolor photo stickers you can individually wrap your Christmas gifts for grandma and grandpa and lend your presents an especially personalised touch.

    Create magical moments for grandma and grandpa with ifolor's magic mug. Thanks to its thermal coating, this photo magic mug will wow them as soon as they pour themselves a hot drink. Your grandparents are sure to enjoy this magical transformation every time they take a sip from the cup.

    Filled with a few Christmas treats, your individually designed photo mug will be transformed into a completely original Christmas gift for the grandparents. With either self-baked biscuits or a tasty mug cake you’ll be sure to bring a smile to their faces. Simply design the Christmas photo mug with nice photos of the grandkids or of the whole family and fill it with tasty treats fitting for the Christmas season and you’ll already be finished creating your personalised photo mug as a Christmas gift for the grandparents. Don’t forget to let the little ones help while baking!

    You enjoy giving your grandparents a bit of a brainteaser for Christmas? A photo puzzle with up to 1,500 pieces is sure to keep your grandparents on their toes. Featuring a favourite snapshot or family photo, this puzzle not only makes for a nice pastime, but is also a unique gift idea that both reminds them of a pleasant memory and gives them something fun to do.

    Personalised for each family member, suitable for the season or simple and chic: individually designed photo coasters make the table decoration perfect. Customise the coasters for grandparents using great snapshots of the grandchildren or the whole family, so that they can always keep an eye on their loved ones at the table.

    ifolor's photo tin is a unique storage option. It helps keep things tidy and better organise everyday objects. Choose from four different options – rectangular, round, square or heart-shaped – whatever suits your grandma and grandpa best. Whatever you decide, these unbreakable photo tins are true all-rounders and can be used in a variety of ways. These practical and customisable tins are perfect for giving small sweets at Christmas.

    Bring the smiling faces of the grandchildren into the grandparents’ living room and the kids will be sure to brighten up their day every day. Look for photos featuring your kids’ best smiles while designing the photo canvas. Instead of using just a single photo, you could alternatively use multiple photos for your special Christmas gift for grandma and grandpa or even add a dedication or saying. To do this, simply add a text placeholder while creating the photo canvas and position it where you want it.

    Create a unique Photo Pillow this Christmas. Decorate is with a photo of the grandchildren, a great family photo, or a wintery collage to create a unique photo pillow that is perfect for the grandparents. This Christmas gift is not only decorative, but also keeps memories of loved ones around grandma and grandpa at home. Design it to match the winter and Christmas season or neutrally for the whole year as a decorative piece for the sofa.

    A cuddly Christmas gift that will keep your grandparents warm: a customisable photo blanket. After all, few things are better than snuggling down under a cosy blanket at home. Your grandma and grandpa will be able to get really comfortable thanks to the lush microfiber fleece, always thinking of you. When designing your blanket, choose a beautiful picture of nature, or if your grandparents have one, a special hobby would also a good choice.

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