Different kinds of Christmas gifts for friends

Create Christmas Gifts for Good Friends

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for your best friend can be quite a challenge. For Christmas, it’s really the thought that counts. Transform thoughts and memories of time spent together into a self-designed photo product as a Christmas gift for your best friend or others who are special to you. Surprise them this Christmas with something that’ll keep these wonderful memories alive and they’ll be able to fondly reflect upon these moments for years to come.

Many people like to think back on nice evenings spent with friends enjoying good drinks and good conversation. Really bring a smile to your friends’ faces this Christmas and design a monthly planner with photos and recipes of your favourite cocktails. To do this, simply use a basic image-editing program to add the corresponding recipe to each cocktail picture. Alternatively, you could also get creative and use waterproof pens to add the recipes and small anecdotes or dedications to the calendar pages by hand.

Use your most memorable party celebrations together with your friends as the theme of your Christmas gift photo book for them. From your boisterous New Year’s party to unforgettable birthday celebrations and the summer grill party at the lake – gather together all your party highlights with your friends from the past year and eternalise these wonderful memories in a photo book.

Transform your Christmas card for your friends into a brilliant year in review featuring all the highlights from the past year. Choose a classic or Christmas-themed design template with several image placeholders. Afterwards, simply insert your chosen photos for your year in review and add text or a suitable saying to the reverse side of the card. To make your card a bit more personal, you could add your Christmas greetings later by hand.

Create magical moments! ifolor's magic mug will surprise everybody. Thanks to its thermal coating, this Photo Magic Mug will wow them as soon as they pour themselves a hot drink. Maybe your friends have a hard time getting up in the morning, or maybe you have your own special sayings over the years that always make you laugh. Then choose a motivational saying for the mug, and your friends are guaranteed to enjoy reading it every time they take a sip from the mug.

Does your best friend love swimming or travelling from beach to beach? Then you’re on the right track with this cool photo bath towel from ifolor. Designing your own bath towel with special photos of your favourite holiday destinations or beautiful beaches is both quick and easy. If your loved ones love to travel, a towel with a personal photo or a great inscription is also perfect and can be stowed in their luggage without taking up too much space. That way you're always connected, even despite the distance.

Individualised Gift Wrapping for Your Best Friend’s Christmas Present with Our Photo Stickers!

Order your own personal photo stickers and lend a more personal touch to your Christmas gifts for your friends. Available in either round or rectangular format, these individualised photo stickers will make your gift wrapping especially eye-catching and make your gift that much more personal.

Use the photo flip to create a completely personalised Advent calendar for your best friend or a loved one who you’d really like to surprise. Simply choose 24 winter-themed pictures for your Advent calendar. These could be something like photos of a fun sleigh ride or perhaps a trip taken to the Christmas market. Use a photo-editing program to add the numbers 1 through 24 to the photos for your Advent calendar or alternatively add these by hand. Then add a small surprise to each of your calendar’s windows. The recipient will see a friendly message on the front and a tasty treat on the back.

Create a mini wall decoration for the perfect Christmas gift for your friends. Create a collage of your best memories of parties, trips, or any of your great experiences. Perhaps add a funny saying or an inspiring quotation. Give a gift of several Mini Wall Decorations in a set that forms a unique and eye-catching wall decoration. The magnetic brackets make hanging or swapping the Mini Wall Decorations simple and fast.

Give a sustainable and personalised gift this Christmas with the SIGG drinking bottle! Add a great photo of your friends on the bottle and surprise your them with a special thirst-quenching gift for when they are out and about. Make your best friend feel special this Christmas with a photo of the two of you on a SIGG bottle.

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