Retro Prints

  • 24 retro style photo prints (10 x 10 cm)
  • Including high-quality designer box
  • Nostalgic look thanks to white border
  • Your photo (9 x 7 cm) on glossy real photo paper

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Retro Prints

Retro prints are totally trendy and add a perfect vintage touch to your home. Developed in retro style on real photo paper, your photos are showed off even better. Developed on real photo paper, your photos try to outshine each other!

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With Border
24 square prints in 10 x 10 cm format
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Square retro style format

Your photo in stylish retro print format (10 x 10 cm) reminds you of photos from the past: square and with space for notes, names and the year.

Exact print format: 10.16 x 10.16 cm


Labelling retro prints

You can label your retro prints using a permanent marker. You can therefore leave a message on the photos for the recipient or yourself. Doubling the enjoyment of the photo moment straight away.

Margin width:
All-round: 5 mm
Bottom: 2.5 cm

Retro_beschriften Kopie

Quality real photo paper

Like our digital photos, we also develop your photos on high-quality real photo paper so that your photos shine for life.

Exact photo format in the centre: 7.2 x 9.2 cm


Unique designer box

The 24 retro prints also include a chic designer box that you can write on. Your photos are therefore safely stored and really eye-catching, as a gift too.

How large will my photos appear on the ifolor Retro Prints?

Retro Prints have a format size of around 10cmx10cm. To achieve the typical retro effect, the actual photo is encircled by a white frame, just as if it had been taken by an instant camera. The image itself will be printed in a size of around 7cmx9cm.

Will parts of the photo be cropped from the Retro Prints?

The Retro Prints are square, although due to the classical white border, the photos are printed in a size of 7cmx9cm. This corresponds with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (the typical aspect ratio of digital cameras). As such, the photo will be proportionately printed as 7cmx9cm, without any resulting loss of image. Should your image have an alternate aspect ratio, it is possible that when fitting your photo to be printed, this could result in cropping of the image. This happens when the longer side of the image exceeds the maximal allotted length when fitting it for printing. To ensure that you can see the important parts of the image on the final print, you can use a photo editor to position your image in the displayed image section of the correct aspect ratio.

How can I order my photos as Retro Prints?

By clicking the “Create online” button on our website, you can upload the desired photos quite easily from the hard drive of your PC, Facebook, or another online source, then order it as a Retro Print from ifolor. Afterwards, in just a few business days, in a high-quality gift box you will receive your photos in all their retro glory.

Can I inscribe the gift box?

A personal message morphs every gift into a special surprise. The gift box offers, on the side in a white box, a little room for a small message or inscription that you can later add yourself.

Can I add text to my Retro Prints?

When ordering, you cannot add text to your prints. However, the white border—which, as these are just like the instant prints of old, is thicker at the bottom—leaves room for a handwritten note. You can leave a tiny message or jot down the place and date you took the photo. Lend a personal note to your prints and make them great souvenirs.

Can I send the Retro Prints directly to someone as a gift?

With an elegant gift box, the ifolor Retro Prints are indeed a great surprise for your loved-ones. When ordering, simply select the ‘alternative delivery address’ to add the address of your recipient. Thereafter we’ll send your 24 most gorgeous, nostalgia-inducing photos directly to your friends or family. In the packet, they will also receive a delivery notice but not the receipt.

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