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The ifolor judges’ panel has made its decision!

The top 20 photos have been chosen.

It’s time to vote for your favourite

We received more than 790 fantastic photos. Thank you! We’ve really enjoyed reviewing the many great photos that you submitted over the past few days.

Picking the finalists was no easy task. The ifolor judges’ panel has now selected the 20 finalists*. It’s time to vote for your favourites: you can submit up to 3 votes.

Vote for your favourite by 5 August 2020!

*Nadja Isenschmid, Kenza Chahid, Marcel Gross, Valentina Bucksch, Josef Zwyssig, Tullia Celii, Melanie Rast, Fabienne Wick, Dominik Kobler, Liviana Honegger, linda Dietiker, Didier Leuenberger, Markus Stich, Rolf Schmitt, Fredy Dietiker, Miri Weber, Markus Nobel, Nathalie Arn Pichilli, Manuel Loder, Chantal Baer


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