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Tips and tricks: the perfect wedding photo

Tips and tricks: the perfect wedding photo

7 simple wedding photo tips for the most beautiful day of their lives

People getting married often book a professional photographer. With a few tips and the right planning, however, even ambitious hobby photographers can take great pictures that will remind the happy couple of one of the best days of their lives, time after time. Photo books from ifolor will also ensure that you have suitable presents!

1) Planning a date

It is important to agree with the bride and groom in advance as to when the photos are to be taken - rushing can spoil beautiful motifs. It is therefore best to plan, together with the bride and groom, a period of at least one hour in which you can take photographs calmly. The guests should be otherwise occupied during this time, so that the absence of the bride and groom does detract from the atmosphere. It is important that nobody rushes and that there is enough time to organise poses, arrange the dress and so on.

2) Finding the right place

The background and location are important factors in being able to create an atmospheric picture of the newly-weds. Ideal settings include a church, castle, riverbank or beautiful spot by a lake. In case it rains, plan for an indoor shoot and look for possible locations BEFORE the wedding.

3) The right props

It is often the small details which make a wedding photo appealing and unforgettable. Of course, the bride's bouquet must be in the picture, but a picture can also be made more beautiful by other props, such as a ring cushion, a heart sign or a gilded picture frame. Consider in advance what could suit the bride and groom and have the right props ready beforehand.

4) The assistant

The bride still has to spread out the train, straighten her makeup, or perhaps her bouquet has been forgotten. In such situations it is important to have an assistant there who can help if the photographer is busy checking the angle. Four eyes are better than two and especially in the case of such important pictures it is a good idea to have everything perfectly in shot before the button is pressed.

Tips and tricks: the perfect wedding photo

5) Agreeing with the bride and groom

In order to avoid any nasty surprises, you should agree with the bride and groom in advance as to what kind of motifs they want. During the shooting you can then always show them the pictures that you have taken on the display and find out whether the motifs are what they had hoped for.

6) Being relaxed

After the marriage ceremony, the couple can often still be tense. In
the photos, however, everything should look completely natural. Try to
get the couple to "make friends" with the camera and make the shoot fun.

7) Practice in advance

As an amateur photographer, it is not every day that you get to photograph couples. You should therefore get some practice in advance, to see which poses look good. You can also look at photo blogs and on the Internet for inspiration on how to portray bridal couples properly.

Tips and tricks: the perfect wedding photo

And finally

There are the things that you absolutely must have photographed at least once as the wedding photographer: the rings, the dress, the suit, the relatives, the best man, the kiss, the cake, the first dance and of course the floral decorations and the festively laid tables.

If you, as the photographer, also want to give the bride and groom a present, then the Photo book Premium is perfect. After all, the happy couple’s most beautiful day should be remembered in as much detail as possible. If you need a bit more space, the photo books in the Deluxe series will be ideal for you.

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