Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

A wedding is always special, but some weddings are so unusual that you will never forget them for sure. We show five unusual wedding ideas - from romantic to adventurous up to playful. But always spectacular!

Love is in the air ... Getting married in a hot air balloon

Adventurous couples who are looking for a very special location for their wedding can get married in a hot air balloon - essentially exchanging vowels on cloud nine!

The wedding ceremony in the sky promises breathtaking views and an incredibly intimate atmosphere. Wedding in the hot air balloon in Switzerland is however not legally binding; an additional civil marriage is therefore required.

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

At the summit of Love - Marriage on the mountain

There is hardly anything more majestic than the mountains; they also make for a particularly spectacular wedding venue. To get married with the mountain panorama before our eyes and in the presence of the best friends and family is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

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Motto weddings - Discover the child in you

At a themed wedding there is not limit for creativity. Whether you are celebrating a superhero wedding, a wedding at the county fair or a fairytale wedding - themed weddings celebrate the interests, hobbies and preferences of the newlyweds. It is important that the chosen theme is drawn like a red thread through the entire wedding - from invitations to the decoration up to the outfit of the newlyweds and their guests. Of course, guests must be informed in advance of the motto. It is advisable to give the guests a few ideas for clothing already with (or shortly after) the wedding invitation. Even if you throw a themed wedding, you need to be relaxed regarding your guest’s interpretation or ignorance of the theme. Even if grandma Edna does not appear to the ceremony in a Wonder Woman costume - it is after all the most beautiful day of your life.

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

Take the plunge … the underwater wedding

A wedding on the beach is now romantic but not so extremely unique any more - many couples opt for this place to get married. But it is really unusual if one marries not next to the water, but underwater. In Switzerland, underwater marriages are possible, but usually in an indoor pool or even in aquariums. Requirements for the wedding under water are a valid diving license and a valid diving medical certificate.

If you´ve set your heart on getting married in the sea, you need to inform yourself about the possibilities of underwater weddings in popular travel destinations. That way the ceremony and the honeymoon can be easily combined as well.

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

Bungee wedding: Joint leap into marital happiness

This particular wedding venue is only for very adventurous couples - but the butterflies in your stomach are guaranteed! The actual wedding ceremony takes place directly on the platform before jumping. Subsequently the newlywed couple jumps together into a new future. Since there is usually little space on the platform, the wedding party assembles on the ground. So they can follow the wedding ceremony and then can welcome the happy couple after the jump.

Unique wedding ideas - spectacular ceremonies

General information on marriage in Switzerland

Before the planning of such a unique wedding can start, the legal framework needs to be clarified. Because in Switzerland, you cannot not simply get married anywhere - at least not legally. As in many other countries, Switzerland distinguishes between the civil ceremony, the religious ceremony and the free wedding. The civil ceremony is the only legally binding one.

The application for marriage must be made to the register office at the town of residence. After all the required documents have been submitted, the organization of the wedding ceremony can begin, even in a different registry office.

In general, the wedding will take place in the official rooms of the registry chosen by the happy couple. A wedding ceremony outside the civil registry office is possible only if the couple can demonstrate that it is unreasonable for them to visit the site of the civil registry office.

In contrast to that, free weddings are possible almost everywhere. These interdenominational marriages are very popular, not only because of their infinite design possibilities. In most cases they will be held after the civil ceremony. The ceremony is held mostly by a free theologian, who can also give useful impulses and hints as to the nature and location of the wedding ceremony.

Church weddings do not necessarily take place in the church itself. The possible premises or places for this ceremony depend heavily on the priest who performs the ceremony.

06. August 2015

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