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  • Travel photography captures unforgettable moments

    Travel Photography

    Skillfully capturing travel moments

    Travel photography offers many exciting challenges for beginners as well as amateur photographers. In a foreign country we get to know new people, explore new landscapes, marvel at magnificent buildings and recognize new details in everyday life. New motifs are therefore available in almost every area of photography. Therefore, the opportunity to venture into new and unknown fields of photography is particularly appealing. Therefore, to avoid the biggest beginner mistakes, we have summarized here the most important information for you.

    1. Preparing for the trip properly

    The most important step in making your travel arrangements is choosing the right camera as your travel companion. A camera that is too heavy will quickly become a burden during outdoor activities, and a camera without setting options may not meet your artistic standards. In addition, it is almost an art to confine yourself to the most important photo equipment to travel with light luggage. To make this selection easier, we are presenting here some help in making your decision.

    Limit yourself in the selection of photo accessories

    2. Using perspectives and light precisely

    Photography techniques can be used to precisely influence the picture effect and to make the most of your motifs. For example, photos can quickly become much more harmonious if you pay attention to some simple rules of image composition. The right illumination of your photo motive is just as important, because heavily overexposed and underexposed photos lack a lot of information that even a good post-editing cannot bring back. To avoid these mistakes and to bring you closer to the technical side of travel photography, we have listed here some tips and tricks for you.

    Twilight is particularly harmonious in pictures

    3. Coping with the chaos after returning home

    It’s fun to take pictures and capture every single moment with the camera. Each motif appears equally significant and every moment must be perpetuated by a picture. Often, a mass of photos accumulates that will not be viewed again later. It is therefore important to regularly create order in a picture folder already during the trip. Also, the picture editing will be much easier and faster if the photo management is done efficiently. For your photos not to be forgotten even after careful selection and editing, we are giving you here tips for photo management and editing as well as inspirations for creative ideas in the presentation of your photos.

    Keep your photo management as efficient as possible

    If you want to capture your vacation with the camera, what’s important is that you enjoy the process of doing it. It is the documentation of your trip and your experiences and thus your photos tell a very personal story. Of course, you can take the time here and there to be creative with your photos, but sometimes a snapshot is enough to document a moment. Your photos do not have to be perfect to tell a story. Therefore, do not lose yourself in perspectives and endless tasting, but photograph freely and informally. From time to time, you can also put the camera aside and just enjoy the moment.

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