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    In my opinion, the best thing you can give your fellow human beings is time. In no other way do you share as many incredible moments, great stories and priceless experiences as you do when you travel together. Give a little bit of that back to your travel companions and present them with their own personalised photo book with which they can relive all those great moments. I’ll show you just how easy it is, so your friends will definitely never forget your trip!

    travel book

    How do I find the right images?

    Nowadays, this isn’t a problem – thanks to smartphones, we already have plenty of great, good-quality snapshots to hand. Often, at least one person in the group will also have even better equipment with them, such as a GoPro action camera or even an SLR camera! Finally, you can easily combine photos taken on a smartphone with more sophisticated photographs in your travel photo book. And if the “photographer” of the group allows it, you can also pass their camera around. Personally, I quite like to do this. In the end, it means that even more unique snapshots get taken (and I also don’t have to carry my camera around all by myself)! Which photos you then choose for your photo book is entirely up to you. You can use anything from beautiful landscapes to funny moments, but the most important thing is how you want to structure your photo book!

    My tip:

    When I’m on a trip with friends, I create a Dropbox folder in advance where everyone can upload their favourite photos. That way, different photography styles and favourite pictures and moments are combined in one folder that everyone has access to!

    And if I find my absolute favourite moment as a snapshot, I can use it as a beautiful new wall decoration. Do you also need a new, unique picture for your living room wall?

    travel book

    How do I design a travel photo book?

    There are countless ways to create your travel photo book! Here are a few suggestions for you:



    You can arrange your pictures in the traditional way, in chronological order, starting from the beginning of the journey there (maybe even from the airport?) right through to the journey back home. You can label the days in your photo book with a creative title in a nice font and note down the most important events and travel destinations underneath.


    From destination to destination

    If you’ve been on an exciting road trip, it’s worth organising your photo book by destination! Start off by writing down each of your travel destinations, ideally together with the coolest sights you visited at each destination. It’s also a good idea to make a record of key locations. Your favourite restaurant in Milan? The best bakery in Paris? That way, you’ll have all the most important places to remember for possible future trips together in one place!

    Tip: Add a map so that you can draw the route (this could even be by hand) and label the most important destinations with the respective chapter number. This will make the whole journey much easier to track!


    Different perspectives

    If you’ve been able to gather together photos from the whole group, it could also be a great idea to arrange the photo book by person! These could be photos of delicious food, breathtaking landscapes, or even funny selfies that that particular person took while on the trip. Ideally, start each “chapter” with a funny selfie or portrait of that particular friend, and maybe also a short block of text indicating the travel destinations or describing your own most exciting experiences on the trip. This idea allows everyone to have a fun look at the different perspectives and memories of their fellow travellers!


    A mix of all sorts

    Or just decide on a few themes that shaped your journey together! This could be a mix of all sorts: Did you eat out a lot? Then pick out the best and worst meals you had. Did you make a lot of new friends? If so, you could have a chapter called “New friends”, with pictures you took with your new acquaintances and/or locals you met while on your trip. You can really let your creativity run free here! “The most beautiful buildings,” “Day vs. night”, “Who was best at surfing”, and so on.


    No matter which option you go for in the end, what every photo book ultimately needs are all the travel fails captured on camera! Snapshots that have failed but are fun all the same, a funny photo of someone in the group practising new dance steps, or a cheeky seagull pilfering someone’s food – in any case, pictures that will make everyone smile and laugh when they see them!

    One more thing: if there were any running gags that came about while on the trip, I would definitely include those in your travel photo book too! You can place them wherever they work well and highlight them with a nice font or even a small graphic.

    Which photo book is the right one for my trip?

    ifolor photo books come in all shapes and sizes. You can choose between A4, A5, a square format, and all kinds of other options too! You can also choose the number of pages you want. However, each photo book variant offers different advantages when it comes to creating your personalised travel photo book.


    Deluxe Photo Book

    The Deluxe Photo Book will bring every memory of your trip to life! The different layouts and countless formats in this classic photo book make it a suitable option for all possible versions of your travel photo book. A little bonus here is that the photo book can be ordered directly in a beautiful gift box.

    Premium Photo Paper Photo Book

    The Premium Photo Paper Photo Book is especially suitable for large pictures thanks to its flat-lying pages, and is therefore also my personal favourite. So, if you’ve gathered a lot of landscape pictures in particular, this is the best choice for you! Large-scale panoramic images are shown to their best advantage by the genuine premium photo paper.

    Soft Cover Photo Book

    The Soft Cover Photo Book is practical, flexible and fits easily in your hand. The silky matt printing paper has a classic appearance, everyone likes it, and it also looks good on any bookshelf. You definitely can’t go wrong with this simple version!

    I hope you have found what you were looking for and have been able to create your own personalised travel photo book. At the very end of your photo book, you can also leave a sweet message for your friends – this is something my friends always really get excited about!

    Oh, and one last thing: You only need to design the photo book once. After that, you can just adjust the quantity in your shopping basket! Your five best friends were there with you? Then order five great photo books right now and present them as gifts!


    Not totally convinced by the whole photo book idea? Then you can easily create a photo calendar instead! That way, your friends will be reminded of your amazing trip all year long.

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

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