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    Taking photos of your family:
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    Do you know how many pictures I take each month? At least 10,000! If you think about that number, it’s completely insane! But where do all these pictures end up? I used to believe that a digital file was worth more than a picture that has been developed, and from a purely technical perspective that is probably correct. However, the sentimental value of a picture – and especially one that has been developed – is totally priceless.

    This is why, around a year ago, I decided that after a photo shoot, my customers should also go away with something physical, something they can display at home and show their friends and family. After all, what are we parents most proud of? That’s right. Our children. And you should show off how cute your children are and how you glowed as a pregnant mother-to-be.

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    Mini Wanddeko2

    Mini wall decoration – for those who like a bit of variety.

    In the dining room at home, we have a photo wall with little aluminium dibond prints, and we add new prints each year. I was after something similar for my wonderful daylight studio in Winterthur’s old town, and found an even better solution in the form of the mini wall decoration. The pictures are made from a lightweight yet stable material, have a magnetic wall mount and can be moved around as you fancy.

    For me, this is a blessing for two reasons. Firstly, it gives me the option of changing the prints around on a regular basis, and secondly, I am very much of the “grit your teeth and get on with it” school of thought when it comes to putting up pictures. Tape measures are for amateurs, and my efforts often end up with a picture wall that is rather wonky. This system completely solves this problem for me. The mini wall decoration is available in five different formats (10x10, 10x15, 15x15, 15x20, 20x20 cm), and I opted for the 10x15 and 15x20 landscape formats for my photo studio.


    Aluminium dibond – for those that like to go large.

    But with the three large aluminium dibond prints, you can’t get away with not using a tape measure at all. I’m a big fan of the aluminium dibond look. The material looks stylish and works wonderfully well in my studio. I also like the fact the pictures have no frames and speak for themselves. I opted for the 40x60 format for the studio. But the prints are available in a wide range of formats up to 75x100. If I had had the space, I would definitely have chosen the biggest size.

    Fotobuch Deluxe1
    Fotobuch Deluxe2
    Fotobuch Deluxe3
    Fotobuch Deluxe5

    Premium photo paper photo book – for those who like to keep things traditional.

    The third product I offer to my customers is the premium photo paper photo book in a 28x28 format. I am very minimalistic when it comes to designing photo books. We’ve all seen those photo books that make you feel dizzy just flicking through. Here, less is very clearly more. The photo book has 28 printable pages, not including the front and back covers.

    For the book, I pick the 15 best images from the photo shoot and distribute them evenly through the book. I like repetitive layouts, so that you know what is coming next as you flick through. I use a maximum of one image per page, and usually just one image per double-page. Some find this a little boring, so I would recommend leaving a page free for a nice quote, or the baby’s birth details, for example. The thing I like most about this photo book is the way the special binding means the pages lie flat, without an annoying fold in the middle of the picture.

    Profilbild Sarah

    Sarah Menzi is a passionate family photographer and mother to one son. She lives with her family in Winterthur, which is also home to her wonderful boho-style daylight studio in the heart of the old town. Her pictures are simple and emotional. You can see lots of her natural shots of babies, families and pregnant mothers-to-be at www.sarahmenzi.com as well as Facebook and Instagram.


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