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    Heading for new shores: how to successfully decorate your own home after moving!

    How we jazzed up our shared accommodation using ifolor wall decorations

    The time had finally come last September: we were going to live in our own flat and manage our own household for the first time. While the second point was supposedly not always much fun, the first one was definitely positive. We tell you what thoughts we had on wall decorations after moving into the new flats in this article.

    We, that’s Valentin and Roman from Twintheworld, are cousins and close friends at the same time. In autumn we moved out of home for the first time; to the city where we’re now studying. We were really looking forward to this new adventure!

    How it all began

    As is well-known, the best time is at the start, actually moving in. Together with friends, we therefore furnished a room in shared accommodation in Wettingen for Roman and one in Fribourg for Valentin. But we didn’t want our own four walls to just be functional and spacious but also decorative and suit our aesthetic tastes. Even though we were aware of this, we only noticed after a few months in the new shared accommodation that there was definitely the potential to make the flats look better. We wanted to make this improvement using different wall decorations and as photographers, only our own landscape photos came into question.

    Being far away from home, away from the mountains, it was important to us right from the start to create a feeling of home in the new flats. However, it was of key importance to us to give our rooms, if not the whole shared accommodation, a personal touch. Photos that you’ve taken yourselves bring memories and feelings, such as a thirst for adventure, to your own four walls. As a result, we decided to produce wall decorations of our own photos and therefore simply bring the mountains with us to the city.

    Material check:
    Picture 1: We put posters in Roman’s room as lots of light floods in through the large window that was not to be reflected and as there was plenty of free space.

    Material check: What appeals to us and goes well with the room?

    We opted for acrylic glass because classy materials like this enhance the picture itself. Also, the photo and its effect can only really develop and come alive in non-digital form. We ordered photo posters as well, but mainly because they offer great value for money. First and foremost, this enables us to also see our pictures in a size we never could before. We chose the aluminium Dibond option because it is matt and therefore, e.g. the window opposite is not reflected. As a result, we found a suitable print version for every spot in our flats.

    corridor in Roman’s shared accommodation
    Picture 2: We designed the corridor in Roman’s shared accommodation with an aluminium Dibond so that the lights from above are only reflected matt.

    A fantastic result

    Our shared accommodations were massively improved by the new wall decorations. The whole atmosphere has changed and visitors have already commented on this. Walls that were previously simply cold and white are not just aesthetically beautiful now but also communicate the many adventures that we’ve experienced in the places shown.

    The product quality made a really good impression on us, we’re very happy with the result. We were particularly amazed by how immaculately the pictures are portrayed that we had ordered in large formats. The acrylic glass pictures could be hung up relatively quickly on the wall and don’t just make a classy impression at first glance.

    Valentin’s living room: before
    Valentin’s living room: after
    The corridor in Roman’s shared accommodation: before
    The corridor in Roman’s shared accommodation: after
    Roman’s room: before
    Roman’s room: after

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