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  • Regional and authentic - the Christmas gift directly from the company premises: sustainably produced honey

    Regional and authentic - the Christmas gift directly from the company premises: sustainably produced honey

    Since 2012, ifolor has been offsetting the CO2 emissions of all business activities needed to produce its products. These activities include heating, electricity, water consumption, business travel, etc. ifolor is always analysing and discussing how to improve further and make changes. So, it’s a constant process and adjustments are made gradually but steadily.

    All this means ifolor homes in on specific products when organising staff gifts and leaves nothing to chance. For Christmas 2020, the ifolor team therefore had something very special to look forward to: honey from bees that live on ifolor’s premises. All employees were sent home with a tasty jar of honey as a thank you for the past business year.

    Fun fact: the bees fly the equivalent of once around the world to make each jar of honey. Quite a distance!

    Bild Honig
    Bild Honig

    Ifolor has found the perfect partner in Bee-Os Bienenhonig GmbH. The company runs a bee farm on the island of Reichenau, a World Heritage Site. It has different bee colonies and bee hives in a variety of locations, one of which is the ifolor company meadow. It doesn’t get more regional than that! Bee-Os takes a very specific approach to managing the bee farm. For example, it uses the most traditional method to make honey. It works according to time-honoured standards, ecologically and as close to nature as possible.

    Its efforts are proof that things can be done differently. Profits are shared with all partners in the value chain, the environment is protected and resources are used sparingly. Accordingly, the company's thinking is long term and sustainable. The focus is not on short-term success, but uncompromising quality, both in terms of production and the conditions the bees are kept in. Everything happens in harmony with agriculture and with respect for the environment.

    Besides beekeeping, Bee-Os also runs a farm shop and a coffee shop, and it makes for a great venue for events. You can find more information about this and much more here: https://bee-os.com/

    Bild Honig
    Bild Honig

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