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Children are lively, have a mind of their own, and just want to have fun. That’s why it can be quite a challenge to take pictures of them. Here we’ll give you a crash course on how to take pictures of/with children as well as various tips on how to make your kids’ photos more spectacular. You can also watch our video to get a general overview of our photo hacks.

Photograph at Eye Level

If you photograph children from above, most of the time the end result is not that impressive and little people will appear that much smaller. Thus, for portraits or frontal shots it’s recommended to take pictures of children at eye level. It’s easiest to do this on a knee or you could alternatively photograph them in a higher position than you.

Make a Series of Photos

Kids are fast and change their facial expressions quickly from one minute to the next. In order to capture them at just the right moment it’s a good idea to take a series of pictures. If you use continuous advance mode on your camera, you can choose the best photos afterwards and you’ll also be left with a whole series of brilliant photos of your kids.

Use a Short Exposure Time

Since kids are almost always on the move it’s a good idea to use a short exposure time. Whether they’re jumping on a trampoline or just romping around in the park, using the right exposure time will ensure you’re left with an end result that isn’t too blurry or indiscernible.

Slow Motion

If you also want to record short videos while photographing your children you can try using the slow motion function on your camera. Nowadays, many smartphones come with this function built in. It’s also possible to edit the video afterwards on your computer. This will lend an extra degree of brilliance and intensity to your short video of them doing something like jumping from a swing.

High Resolution

When editing photos afterwards on your computer, you’ll often find that the motif appears too far away. If you photograph children from further away, it’s a good idea to use a higher image resolution. This will make it possible for you to zoom in and crop your photos while editing them without them appearing fuzzy or out of focus.


Parents like to take a lot of pictures of their children, yet you shouldn’t force them to take pictures if they don’t want to. When they’re not in the mood, they’re just not in the mood. If, on the other hand, you take pictures of them without them noticing or spontaneously, you’ll be left with pictures that appear much more natural and your kids will have more fun in the process.

Keep a Distance

Children are all about one thing: playing. This natural impulse shouldn’t be impeded by long and drawn out photo shoots. Give your children their space and photograph them from a bit of a distance. This will make photos of everyday activities like playing and eating appear much more natural without losing their charm.

Smack Dab in the Middle

n some instances it’s hard to resist jumping in yourself and becoming part of the action. Get into the mix while your children play with friends or siblings and you’re sure to end up with some fantastic photos. You should keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t impose yourself on the kids and be sure to ask them if it’s okay for you to join.

Have Some Patience and Don’t Rush Things

The most important thing to have is patience. Kids have minds of their own so don’t be surprised if every motif doesn’t appear spectacular from the get go. Be patient and don’t put your kids under pressure; this is the only way to allow both of you to have fun during the picture-taking process.

Play Along

Most kids like to have their picture taken. Make them a suggestion to play along with them so you can shoot some brilliant photos. You could, for instance, throw something to your child that they should catch while snapping a photo of them at the same time. Don’t worry if things don’t exactly go as planned - you’re sure to have some fun and laughs in the process.

Change Your Perspective

In order to take especially brilliant and impressive photos you can also just simply utilise a child’s playfulness and urge to discover new things. Photographing while seesawing, swinging, climbing or even doing something like discovering caves will offer you many possibilities to photograph from a wide array of perspectives. Play along with your children and follow them around on their adventures - you’ll be surprised how many different motifs and perspectives you’ll discover along the way.

Focus on the Eyes

Nothing says more than the eyes of children. While photographing (especially when taking portraits) make sure to always keep the eyes in focus. When doing this, it doesn't make too much of a difference if your child is looking directly into the camera or staring off into the distance - you’re sure to end up with a photo full of expression.

Have Fun

The ultimate goal here is just to have fun. Both you and your children should feel in your element while taking pictures. You shouldn’t have to force them to be photographed and the situations should be natural. Should you notice today just isn’t the day for taking pictures, just lay your camera to the side and enjoy some quality time with your kids.

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