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  • Individualised Photo Gifts for Your Partner This Christmas

    Photo Gifts for Your Partner This Christmas

    How to Make Christmas Even More Joyous for Your Partner

    With the falling temperatures outside, it’s slowly but surely time to start asking yourself the quintessential question of what to get your loved ones this Christmas. Personal and individual gifts are always perfect for putting under the Christmas tree, especially when it comes to your partner.

    Here we’ll give you several photo gift ideas that will be sure to please your partner this Christmas!

    Family Calendar to Relive Times Spent Together

    Family Calendar to Relive Times Spent Together

    Planning appointments may not sound so romantic at first. In a serious relationship, however, having to deal with such things is unavoidable. With a family calendar from ifolor you can combine something useful with beautiful family photos and shared memories. This will make scheduling appointments less of a chore. You’ll have five different columns where you can add appointments and events for each family member to help you keep an overview of things. You’ll also have three new photos to grace your wall each month. There are seven different design templates for you to choose from so you can transform your own photos into a personalised Christmas present.

    ifolor Smartphone Cover

    Smartphone Case with a Photo

    Studies have shown that we check our phone at least 100 times each day. That’s also how often your partner will think about you when you give them an individualised smartphone case for Christmas. Here you’ll have space to add up to six of your own photos.

    Simply start out by choosing the phone model - our smartphone cases are available for all current iPhone models. Then choose a design template and arrange your favourite photo(s) on the case. There are many different ways you can design your case. Whether you add a photo of yourself, both of you together, or a Christmas motif is entirely up to you.

    Booklet Featuring Shared Experiences

    Over the course of the year you’re sure to end up with thousands of pictures on your smartphone. In funny, jovial, or romantic moments we use our smartphone’s camera to hold on to these memories. Before these cherished photos end up being forgotten, you can create a booklet directly from your smartphone. Use our app to choose your most favourite photos and print them out in this small Christmas gift. Here you’ll find detailed instructions on how.

    You can simply design the booklet as a year in review and use a mix of photos and memories from years past. Alternatively, you could choose a theme for your booklet, such as a vacation you went on together or important events in your lives.

    And best of all: your booklet from ifolor will be delivered to your door in attractive gift-wrapping. All you’ll have to do is set it under the Christmas tree for your partner to open.

    A Brilliant Wall Display

    Decorations for the home you share together always make great gifts. This Christmas, why not give your partner a wall decoration showcasing a nice photo. Which material you decide to go with is entirely up to you and of course also depends on your home’s other decor.

    A gallery print will showcase your pictures in a very elegant fashion. The colours in your photos will appear especially intensive thanks to the combination of aluminium and acrylic glass.

    A completely new product from ifolor is the HD metal print. Our high-resolution printing method ensures your pictures appear extremely sharp on the thin metal panel.

    No matter which material you decide to go with, your partner will be sure to love a wall decoration featuring the two of you this Christmas.

    Photo Display for Decorating the Desk

    Most of us end up spending a lot of time at the office. To help your partner think of you often even while they’re at work, you could get them a photo display for Christmas. This modern alternative to the classic picture frame comes equipped with a practical stand that will ensure it sits firmly on any desk. You can use one of 60 different creative design templates to showcase up to 9 of your own pictures on the photo display. Many designs also come with text fields that you can use to write your darling several words of love.

    Give your partner a personalised photo display this Christmas and they’ll always have you in sight.

    You might have a hard time deciding what to get them with so many great options to choose from. So, what’s it going to be for this Christmas?

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