• Photo Gifts for the Grandparents This Christmas

    Photo Gifts for the Grandparents This Christmas

    One-of-a-Kind Presents with Sentimental Value

    Photos of the grandchildren or unforgettable times spent with the whole family are always sure to bring joy to grandma and grandpa. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to surprise the grandparents with a completely personalised gift.

    With our photo gift ideas for Christmas you’re sure to bring a smile to the grandparents’ faces and eternalise your fondest memories shared together!

    A photo book as a Christmas present for the grandparents

    An Individually Designed Photo Book for the Grandparents

    An individually designed photo book continues to be a popular gift idea for Christmas. Bring together all of your most favourite family photos in a high-quality ifolor photo book for the grandparents. You could feature, for instance, your child growing up or snapshots of family outings in your photo book. Or, what do you think about surprising them with a family yearbook this Christmas?

    Design a brilliant keepsake for grandma and grandpa. For creating your photo book, it’s best to utilise the ifolor Designer so you can use the various design templates and backgrounds or create your own layout. You can further decorate your photo book’s pages to your heart’s desire with clipart and borders and creatively showcase your photos. With the numerous editing and design functions you’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind and cherished photo book as a Christmas present.

    Tip: Add text fields or speech bubbles to pages in your photo book to insert humorous anecdotes and really bring these special memories back to life for the grandparents.

    A photo flip as a Christmas present for the grandparents

    A Photo Flip Featuring Your Most Brilliant Photos

    A wonderfully colourful photo flip is the perfect Christmas present for the grandparents to be able to always have their loved ones in view. In contrast to a conventional picture frame, the photo flip will give you space to add 25 brilliant photos. Look for nice photos of the grandchildren, family outings, and humorous moments for your photo flip. This will enable grandma and grandpa to choose a different photo at any time to display on their windowsill or kitchen shelf.

    You can easily order the photo flip online in either portrait or landscape format. Thanks to our high-quality digital printing and its stable cardboard stand, the photo flip will be sure to catch people’s attention wherever it’s displayed.

    ifolor Tip

    Tip: Add a few words of love for the grandparents to your photos. Free image-editing programs such as Fotor make it possible to easily add text to your photos. What about filling your photo flip with New Year’s resolutions?

    A gift booklet with cat photos

    A Booklet Full of Favourite Photos

    Most spontaneously shot photos are taken with a smartphone. Here you’re sure to have countless photos of memories and unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Bring them to life in a personalised Booklet for the grandparents. You could include, for instance, beautiful photos of the grandchildren, family outings, and the family pet to give the booklet some variety. This small Booklet can be filled with 20 to 100 photos and can be created in just a few minutes. It’s also possible to design and order your booklet directly from your smartphone. To do this, simply download the free ifolor app to your smartphone and you’re ready to go.

    Especially practical: the square photo book in a miniature format comes delivered in a high-quality gift box. All that’s left to do is maybe add a nice gift tag for the grandparents and the present’s ready to be set under the Christmas tree.

    A Wall Calendar with Your Most Favourite Moments for the Whole Year

    A self-designed photo calendar will catch people’s attention in any home. Create a completely personalised calendar for the grandparents this Christmas that will showcase your most cherished moments for the entire year. You could, for instance, design the calendar cover and months with 13 of your most favourite photos of your child so grandma and grandpa can have their dear grandchildren in view all year round. You can also use our various templates to design the calendar pages with collages in order to feature even more photos.

    The ifolor wall calendar is available in A3 or A4 format or in an extra large panoramic format of 35 x 60 cm. Simply choose the size you want and whether it should be in portrait or landscape format before beginning with its design. From simple to sophisticated, you’ll have various layouts to choose from. You could use a vintage style to make the wall calendar especially eye-catching. The black-and-white template showcases old photos in the background. Here your photos will be best showcased in either black and white or sepia. If you’d like to make things a bit more colourful, you could go with something like the “Coloured Circles” template. This template will give you space to add 2 photos for every month and is a more modern and colourful design. You can order the photo calendar for the grandparents in either a silk-matte or high-gloss finish.

    Tip: You won’t be able to give the grandparents their Christmas gift until after New Year’s? No problem! You can have your ifolor photo calendar start with any month you wish. This will make it possible for you to have the calendar start with February or any other month you choose to enable the grandparents to enjoy their calendar for a whole year.

    Go through your photos and get started creating the perfect Christmas surprise for grandma and grandpa. With these photo gift ideas you’ll be sure to bring lasting joy to the grandparents this Christmas.

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